New Suzuki Swift

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by JagMan, Aug 30, 2004.

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  2. Looks good, like the old 1.4 Twin-cam version.
  3. Damn', we had this discussion going in the old forum already. Anyways the new Swift is pimp and NEEDS to come to NA or Suzuki is totally pointless...
  4. That actually looks pretty cool. Kinda has a Clio look to it. I wouldn't mind having that, but maybe the power is the one thing that would detract me from getting it.
  5. we do. swift/aveo/wave
  6. They need to make 2 door version with something around 160HP... that'd kick ass.
  7. its alright, but that interior is inferior.

    sorry i couldnt help myself.
  8. They should make a new version of the Baleno too.
  9. If a new GTi version is made that will be cool.
  10. Question about the old Taurus SHO... Does SHO stand for "Super High Output" or "Suzuki High Output"
  11. This new one he's talking.

    I agree it looks really good.
  12. there is a newer one?

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