New Top Gear Presenter Announced

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  1. t was so bad he got friendszoned

    toodles guise
  2. *opens door to superbar* oh and don't let him on the track, he'll SPINOFF *slams door shut and walks to febo*
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    Roadkill by Motor Trend is pretty much my favourite show on YouTube. Two really chill guys with great skills and a shoestring budget. Pretty much every episode is a "top gear special". This is one of the most recent episodes, and also one where they create a totally magnificent car.

    Project Binky is absolutely amazing. Top humour, top skills. Nuff said.

    Mighty Car Mods is great also. It's geared towards DIY, but recently have gone a bit more towards showing larger projects. This is an older episode with less DIY and more humour, as it were.

    The thing these have in common? No deadlines, no fake drama, no ego. Awful shows like Gas Monkey Garage, Fast N Loud, etc should take note. Or better yet, stop making tv shows
  4. Yeah I want that RegularCars guy on Top Gear for sure
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  6. Who;s the black guy.

    I like Eddie Jordan and Chris Harris.
  7. As far as I can tell he's the one who got through the open auditions the BBC put on, so I don't think he's someone we should already know
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    Rory Reid presenter showreel 2015:

  9. Eddie Jordan would be great in both the old top gear and the modern top gear format. Why I say this is because it made me giggle having him talk about used cars and how to save money and such. It suits him so #$%#ing well.
  10. the black dude is good, watch a lot of his videos on the tubes
  11. Will watch like maybe 2 episodes
  12. What a cluster#$%# of a lineup, will probably watch the first episode and then move on to Clarkson, May, and Hammond's new show.
  13. Am I the only one who thinks the last few seasons of Top Gear were over-edited crap that was always late, reviewing cars ages after they'd been presented?
    While I still watched for entertainment, I'm pretty happy we're getting two shows instead of one and an overall refresh.
  14. Please define the word "shonky"
  15. that was funny

    I do enjoy these onetake also, such variety and Matt gives good commenting
    love the format

  16. Poorly built

    I implore that, now that you have a loose definition, you continue to use this word as frequently as possible.
  17. Like a word smash of shoddy and wonky?
    I love it.

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