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  1. Having watched the first episode of the show I have to disagree with w00t. Although most of the old production team seemed to be there (good editing, sound, camera work etc.), the overall experience was closer to a mediocre episode of "old" TG but with poor presenters. The format isn't doomed yet but the cast has to be changed asap.

    Chris Evans is a terrible choice for the job imo. He reminded me of a fake-cheerful summer camp instructor from my youth who desperately tried to get a bunch ot tweens play a dumb game. So awkward and cringeworthy. Also unlike JC, this guy takes himself wayyyy too seriously. Clarkson had an ego for sure but deep down he was a big buffoon and wasn't afraid of showing it.

    I can't really find anything to dislike about Matt LeBlanc. I can't find anything that would set him apart in a positive manner either. He can sit in a car looking good with a perfect smile but that's about the extent of his talents.

    I do miss JC & Hammond & May A LOT. I didn't watch the show because of fancy cars, exploding caravans or stunts but because of the sheer comedy. A cast like that comes together once in 100 years. I can't see Evans & LeBlanc ilsten to a thumping stereo:


    Ruin some important railroad people:


    Ruin diplomatic relations with India:


    Drive around in redneck country with a truck like this (smelling like cow juice):


    etc etc
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  2. I would probably find his shrill voice less of an annoyance if he was some sort of flaming queen
  3. Reminds me of old-old TG, making a dull list of pros and cons when it comes to buying cars at auctions, that kind of things. When the whole show was mostly informative/snore.
  4. i liked watching tiff drive the mclaren f1
  5. He just seems way over the top like some are; anyway him being gay or not doesn't change the fact that hes an annoying guy
  6. Even Nickelback has fans...
  7. haha and nickelback are TERRIBLE!
  8. Evans was awkward, felt like a poor Clarkson imitation, liked leblanc more than I thought I would. With some more experience I think he can have some good comedy for sure. What's the deal with the other presenters, are they rotating or something or just limited to tiny stuff like we saw of Sabine?
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  9. It sucked

    BBC fucked up by letting JC go. The three of them were a cash cow for them and they chose to keep a director over their biggest personality. This will cost them once the new Clarkson show goes on air and gets most of the ratings.

    But hey at least you kinda have to respect how BBC stood their ground
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  10. Nobody cares about the BBC standing their ground
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  11. Just watched the first episode and did not enjoy. Leave more space for improv, share more actual knowledge about cars, review cars that people are interested in. Also Chris Evans has a pretty annoying voice.
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  12. Add a poll maybe

    we could rate the show
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  13. Why a poll when you can rate your own self?

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  14. Ughhhhhh I hate people who type FACT after each sentence. One more thing to not like about Evans.
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  15. holy shit f1 gtr long tail. oooooh
  16. yeah that LT is awesome but really, comparing an F1 LT to a 675?

    Again, gave S23 another try and Chris is the most annoying thing ever. Tries way too much. Leblanc (no you don't pronounce the C, idiot) is good.
  17. The episode was worse than last weeks. Theres no spark, no charm; everything feels so rigid.
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  18. it was bad and even with car autism i turned it off
  19. Yeah was expecting a comparison between the lt and the p1 gtr
  20. Matt LeBlanc was a bad choice for host. He feels so stuffy and weird, he's definitely acting his lines which are meant to come off as candid or ad-libbed so it just confuses my brain and feels very artificial. Chris Harris is showing up in the extra gear - why didn't they just pick him?? I think Chris Evans is OK, if a bit too energetic. The rallycross track is a nice change, if a bit gimmicky, but I think overall it might be a bad idea. Some of the guests will be car people, and most of them will be good for a lap around the track, but it's almost a certainty that none of them will have been through a dirt section in their lives so the idea of comparing lap times will kinda go out the window.
  21. He's an opinionated fellow who's not afraid to speak his mind. Might piss off the wrong people.

    I suppose BBC had some bad experiences with that type of person. I'm speculating here but I think that Clarkson punching the producer/caterer/whatever was strike three. Nobody risks a billion dollar show because someone got punched. Situations like that are usually settled confidentially. My guess is that Clarkson constantly ignored BBC's guidelines about how to behave about certain matters (Argentina, for example) and repeatedly ignored his bosses' warnings.

    From a spectator's standpoint I do agree that Chris Harris would be a good choice for the show. During his EVO times I enjoyed his columns a lot.

    And if they want an American, how about that bearded guy from Motor Trend Channel? I like that guy.

  22. Yeah I like him and that driver Randy they have. If you took those two and the guy from Regular Car Reviews that would be an american TG I'd watch
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  23. Still haven't seen the second episode, but BBC is reporting 30% less viewers compared to the first one.
  24. FACT
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