New Toyota MR2

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Hyundai Driver, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. some new spypics
  2. That looks like an ordinary MR2 with a couple of extras. I don't see what the big deal is?
  3. Looks wider...
  4. The MR2 is going out of production in 2005.
  5. ehhh, it looks like an MR2 with a wide bodykit to me.
  6. I hate Toyota Boxsters...
  7. Why does it look like the new boxster?
  8. it looks like the current spyder with a wider body, to accomidate a larger engine bay and trunk
  9. The wider body simply allows the use of wider wheels. I can virtually guarantee that the dimensions of the trunk and engine bay are identical to those of the one in my garage. It also doesn't quite look like the newest Spyder, it's wearing the pre-03' lights, side scoops, front bumper, tail lights, and rear grill.

    Nobody knows what the hell this car is for. Roughly a year ago there were talks of a factory turbocharged Spyder using a variant of TTE's turbo kit (which they're now saying may not be released) for Europe and Japan. It could also be housing Toyota's next V6 or the existing 1MZ-FE. Toyota asked TTE to cram the 1MZ into the car and they did it succesfully with no modifcations to the engine bay (a spyderchat member has done the same swap, Toysport has done it as well).
  10. Soo this means Toyota may have a real sports car finally?
  11. I Force V-8 or nothing fool.
  12. Indeed, but it needs it for other reasons. There aren't nearly enough trademarked things in the car, that's what gives GM's their power.

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