New vehicle for Vatican City Fire Service

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  1. A new vehicle joined the fleet of the Vatican City Fire Service; it is a Falcon Fire Fighting built by Iveco Magirus, a member of the Iveco group, which operates in the field of fire fighting appliances.

    The vehicle was delivered to Pope Benedict XVI in a ceremony held at the Vatican by Iveco Managing Director, Paolo Monferino, and by Andrea Comba, Chairman of the CRT Foundation, and represents a tribute to the Pope from the working world, but also a valid contribution to the Vatican’s Civil Protection service. The initiative was the result of a collaboration agreement between Iveco and the CRT Foundation which has for some time been operating in partnership with Piedmontese vehicle manufacturers, providing grants to subsidise the purchase of Civil Protection vehicles.

    The Falcon 1000 donated to the Pope is the first of a new model designed specifically to operate in difficult road conditions. Kitted out with a comprehensive array of modern fire-fighting equipment, its compact size and excellent manoeuvring make the vehicle particularly suitable for use in narrow streets, guaranteeing top performance for emergencies in places where access is restricted. The Falcon 1000 was designed to be first on the scene to keep a fire in check; it is built on a Daily chassis with crew cab and 2 doors on either side, and can carry a team of 6. It is therefore a perfect combination of a fire-fighting and a rescue vehicle, which can respond rapidly to any emergency in an urban environment.

    Iveco Magirus

    Iveco Magirus is a leader of the fire-fighting market, with branches in Germany (Iveco Magirus Brandschuetztechnich) Italy (Iveco Mezzi Speciali), France (Camiva) and Austria (Lohr Magirus); over the years it has enjoyed great success and popularity on the market, becoming European market leader and one of the world’s most important companies in this sector.

    The vehicle was delivered to Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican by Iveco Managing Director, Paolo Monferino, and by Andrea Comba, Chairman of the CRT Foundation, and represents a tribute to the Pope from the working world, but also a valid contribution to the Vatican’s Civil Protection service.

    With six manufacturing plants in Europe, the four companies market a comprehensive range of fire-fighting and emergency vehicles – for all applications and all uses – responding to all the market’s requirements. Iveco Magirus operates all over the world and collaborates actively with fire services from Siberia to Africa, China and Japan, as well as Europe where it has its roots and where its structure is particularly extensive. The various operating centres develop high tech products: turntable ladders up to 55 metres high with electronic anti-vibration systems, which are undisputed world leaders, airport vehicles which are now found in all the major international airports, but also special applications for the most varied, complex uses. Its fire-fighting vehicles and the other ranges of Special Vehicles are an important asset for Iveco all over the world.

    The CRT Foundation

    The CRT Foundation was created in 1991 when the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino bank was privatised. Today, it is a private no-profit organisation whose activities embrace all social sectors in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta: from the conservation and promotion of the artistic heritage and cultural activities to scientific research; teaching and training in the field of healthcare and assistance to weaker social categories; civil protection and defence of the environment, innovation in local government and support to economic development. After almost fifteen years of constant commitment, the CRT Foundation is now a leading player in the economic, social and cultural development of the territory in which it is traditionally most active, with a total investment of Euro 600 million. The continuity and size of this commitment make the CRT Foundation a prime mover for the development of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. (
  2. Why are european fire trucks so small?
  3. narrow streets/ roads
  4. This is a fire truck!
  5. Not all European fire trucks are this small,STUPID!
    Vatican City = Smallest country in the world (0.44 km²/0.17 mi²), THEY DON'T NEED ANYTHING BIGGER THAN THIS!!!
  6. this is a firetruck

    we've got one trident, and 3 titans
  7. Yeah that's badass, when I was doing my firefighting course the guy training us said that on one fire they had one of those and they were trying to put out a huge pile of hay. He said the windows in the truck melted from the heat.
  8. US fire rigs
  9. That San Diego FD one is awesome.
  10. Do you know what Vatican City is?
  11. I didnt say why is the vatican city fire trucks so small I said european. Even in european cities with wide roads they have small fire trucks.

    And believe me I know more about the Vatican city then you ever will.
  12. We get big Fire Engines in Europe too ...
  13. you're a moron, just because the country is small doesnt mean theyre trucks need to be smaller. im sure my city that i live in is smaller then the vatican and our trucks are bigger, but thats not because AMERICA is bigger, its because our STREETS are bigger

  14. I never said anything about America and your fire trucks, I simply said that we do have big trucks here, but only small ones will fit in the Vatican.

    I really don't think your city is smaller than 0.17 mi²(smaller that a football stadium), A bigger truck will not fit in the Vatican.

    And smaller cities do have smaller fires, Simply because they are smaller.
  15. Those are a little bigger, still most of our fire trucks are bigger then those.
  16. They must be better then.

    It is a well known fact that fire is scared of big trucks.
  17. It works well with fighting wildland fires.
  18. in oz we have big fire trucks cant wait to work in california get myself an SUV there yukon, escalade or summat like that
  19. Of course Europe does have small AND big firetrucks. No need to pull out with a 50 ft truck if there's just a cat stuck in a tree eh. Anyway, here are some of the reasonably sized ones we got here in the Netherlands.
  20. of course there are bigger ones in Germany as well:

    Panther 8x8
    1000 PS
    max. weight 40,000 kg
    L x W x H: 12.00 x 3.00 x 3.9 meters
    Vmax: 138 km/h
    0-80 km/h in 22 sec.
  21. I like those Unimog Firetrucks in Germany. i live in Netherlands aswell and we only get to see MANs here. Those Unimogs rule, but when i was driving through Germany on the Autobahn, one of those Unimog trucks were driving with Sirenes on. Are they really that slow? I mean they were going like 80 KM/H?...
  22. Yeah, they're really powerful, but completely geared/engineered on torque.

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