New Viper (SRT-GTS coupe unveiled!!)

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Got BOOST?, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. New Viper

    you guys might wanna see this..........

  2. New Viper

    I got plenty more, The car was unveiled at the Vipers Owners Invitational 8 a coupe of days ago. Its been called the SRT COncept.

  3. New Viper

    rumors say 550hp, suprised it hasn't been shown here yet.

  4. could you please post the pix again...just getting the dreaded red x!!
  5. Repost the pics, they arent working, PLEASE! This looks soooo nice!
  6. You can got to for more info they have rumored that its going to have 600bhp.
  7. It has...several times.
  8. Repost them NOW!
  9. the top is off the old GTS or thats what it looks to me
  10. when are the media pics coming out?
  11. I hope it has 550-600, and blows the Z06 into the weeds.
  12. Whats the C6 Z06 gonna do about this one?
  13. its gonna come in with a hydroformed aluminum frame.

    ;-) JK

    but that is the rumor.

    I like the looks of the GTS.
  14. That looks great. The profile is really lacking compared to the previous GTS model though.
  15. Oh look! C6 Corvette in blue!
  16. I agree with you the former viper was more bestial.
  17. I've got to be honest, I like the 1st generation GTS much better.
  18. holy crap that thing is nice
  19. hate to say it but this body style works only as the convertible.. this gts looks like crap, looks like the old mazda rx7, looks weak and wimpy. it would work as another car, but not a viper. a shame cuz the concept gts from a couple years back looked way more aggressive, looked better...this thing is homely.
  20. Completely disagree. And I can't see where you think it looks "weak."
  21. If the rear window went back about 3 more inches it would look much better.
  22. Hot, BTW what ever happened to the Cobra concept?
  23. I was thinking the same, exact thing.

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