New Viper (SRT-GTS coupe unveiled!!)

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Got BOOST?, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. I crashed it into a telephone poll.
  2. if anything the C6 looks like that, not the other way around.
  3. Hmmm...I wonder which design came first: Viper SRT/10 (Appeared in 2000 all guissed up as the GTS/R concept) or the C6 Corvette (Appeared in 2004, and reported by GM insiders as having a "Viper-like" front end)

    Last time I checked, 2000 came before 2004.

    Corvettes blow.
  4. I absolutely love it!
  5. The GTS-R coupe hardly looks like this Corvette lookalike. Just a case of mutual copying.

    The original Viper is still the most original design out there.

    RX-7 -> C5 -> C6 -> Viper coupe
  6. thats BS....this coupe is OBVIOUSLY styled very similar to the SRT-10...which was styled after the GTS-R concept car...the later 2 were designed and released WAY before the C6 was....the C6 was designed to mimic the SRT design, not the other way around....

  7. I have never like the look of the open-top Vipers, especially the RT-10, and have been just waiting for the coupe to come out for serious drivers...
  8. RX-7 C5 C6=viper? hell no! the viper was out before the RX-7 was made im talking prototype japan rips off america and europes designs.
  9. GTMash is a tardface. The C6 is one of the newest designs in the world. Nothing has copied it. NOt even the C5, which it looks EXACTLY like, save the flip up headlights.

    Don't get in a tandem because the Vette is ugly and it originally stole the Viper's looks. A new Viper coupe has been in the works since 2001. Besides, it looks like a GTS meets SRT/10 over any other possible combination...that's because it is. No "copying" here. It's a mixture of 2 Vipers.
  10. HAHAHAHA! You clearly dont know vettes. The only single even slightly similar thing to the viper is the headlights. And thats a stretch. The C5 and C6 are pretty different. If you knew anything or took a look you would know that. First of all the C5 and C6 are corvettes. They should look somewhat like echother. You know how long the C6 has been in preparation? The C5 had been beingprepared before the Viper was out.
  11. Personally I like it
  12. that is hott
  13. Now thats far better than the competion coupe!!!
  14. Calling others "tardface" weakens arguments considerably.
  15. Calling others "tardface" weakens arguments considerably. Damn kids.
  16. Damn...I was hoping for a more agressive coupe, like the concept, this roof makes the car look small, weird and outdated. What a letdown.

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