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  1. I think the Ute's here because i saw the add, the engines sounds pretty powerful, though in the add they aren't really using the car. just cruising followed by a horde of coppas.
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    They should have taken it to the Salt Lake...

    Looks absolutely beautiful too!!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    It looks like a suped up version of a kia magentes
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    No it doesn't. Do you even know what car we are talking about??
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    The car looks good but that AD was shocking!!!! I went nuts after seeing it over and over during Bathurst...BTW who won bathurst again??? :p
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    i liked it, but that's your opinion.
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    The team with the better drivers, not the better machines.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Highest budget more like it
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    Nah I think machines, Lowndes won stacks when he was with Holden...not so now that he is with Ford.

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    A friend from Holden reckons it comes down to suspension set up, he also said that most of the Ford engines have about 20hp more due to better flowing heads.
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    most ford engines wouldn't only some, like 00 motorsport they are usually quick, but in racing commodores the body kits and suspension are better, maybe fords new bodykit will pass for them so that they wont just have to throw one on.
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    Apparently the Falcons have trouble getting the front to hit apexes, the Commies turn in sharper.
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    Nah nah your wrong!
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    Aussie ford are the best in the world.
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    i think he's right there's no doubt in my mind that skaifes car followed by the other cars that are engineered by that same company. like the other HRT and K-mart commodores are definately ahead of the rest of the field.

    skaife's car is definately the best out of all of the cars in the whole competition. it does corners with ease while a lto of cars struggle. even the other cars with his shared engineering.
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    The superiority of HRT and Skaife's suspension setup was shown (and te commentators pointed it out about 6734 times) at Pukekohe(spelling) over the bumps. The thing just rides em so much easier than anything else in the pack.
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    exactly, there you go there's an example for you supra man
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    Guys, arent u going a lil off the subject, its about the new Ford ute, not the AWD Magna ute or even Skaifes *CRINGE* rule this season, yes, skaife is a good driver and all, he easily has the best team, BUT when project blueprint takes hold next season, it should make things better. ok, now im off the subject, but ford utes are better full stop. im not being biased, but sales are higher and also they have a larger payload than the holdens, so if u want a ute that looks stylish, and also can carry a decent load, dont blow ur load on a holden, save all that $$$ for a ford.

    BTW - does ny1 have figures on kilowattage on the GTHO?? - im guessin between 320 - 350 kW
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    IMO the only reason Ford utes sold more is the fact that they are a cab-chassis design. You can get them with an Aluminium tray so it don't matter if you scratch em with your toolbox or something. There is no way I would put anything like that in the back of a commie ute. Apparently Holden have a cab-chassis in development though, it will probably have different suspension to carry more load too. Its a good thing that Ford has got their Falcon Sedans together!!!!!!!

    The GTHO hasn't even been comfirmed yet so any power figures are just estimates. Most people think it will be in that range.
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    no, it also comes down to carrying capacity as i read in one MOTOR magazine... oh have u seen the cross8 photos in motor where they are using a stateman chassis with a tray on the back? - looks kinda queer - i know thats not the end product - it was tested in england somewhere. Still, its true tho that u see many more ford utes, of any sort around than holden utes...

    BTW - why couldnt ford at least beef up the GT's power to 300 instead of 290? - i know it can be tuned easy apparently, but then it would be right up with there with the VY GTS - i reckon still that the GT would beat it around a track, if the stats on the XR6T vs the SS commo are correct in the motor magazine head to head... i know they are different cars, but the fords are more neutral balancing to it, whereas the new SS relies on the outside tyres for balance, after the guys at MOTOR fanged it around a couple of sharp corners at high speed, they looked at both cars tyres and the SS had little scratch marks up the bottom of the sidewalls...they even said that the ford has much better handling, into, through and out of the something tells me that holdens phrase "its like its made for corners"...isnt quite correct!

    stupid marketing ploys!

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    Yeah on the other hand we could watch the AU runout ads where the guy with the broken leg kisses the Ford dealers ass on the bus...
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    lol, man, u missed my point, i was just saying that FINALLY the ford range is better then the holdens - i just simply used an example of the XR6T vs SS, and if that head to head is anything to go by, the XR8 vs the Clubsport will be an interesting feud.
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    The GT has 10Nm more torque, with a nice spread of torque throughout the rev range. Seems Ford are focussing more on tractability of their engines then outright power, but a nice round figure of 300kW would be nice <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    yeah, thats what im thinking. I mean, 300 kW is getting up there in the power stakes, its up there with the GTS, M5 (ok, i know its really 294kW) and the S-Type R, im sure they could have found 10 more kW out of it somewhere in that VERY tight engine bay! (SHOE HORNS, WHOS GOT THEM SHOE HORNS!!!)

    I suppose it might have something to do with the 290 kW being generated at the optimum rev range. also, NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) levels might be getting too extreme above 290 kW - i dont think it would, but hey, who really knows why Ford stopped 10kW short of 300!?

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