New Zagato Aston Martin

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Valaraukar, May 11, 2011.

  1. this is what the v12 vantage shouldve been in the first place. hate the looks of the v12 vantage, it's a riced up v8vantage, which is a smaller db9.
  2. Nice tail lights Marussia
  3. you mean ferrari ff
  5. I'm not sure. it looks a little odd to me, and the tail lights are too ferrari, 458 and ff.
    But I'll wait for the live pictures. I'm sure it will grow on me, I'll be loving it by next monday!
  6. an aston martin got raped by a GTR.

  7. Saabston Martin 370 GT-R

    but I can dig it
  8. i dont see the gtr in it.
  9. Don't compare the turd looking GTR with this awesome thing.
  10. i see the gtr too, in the 3/4 shots mostly, also some ferrari in the rear, still it looks good, finally aston came out with something new
  11. best looking aston martin
  12. agreed
  13. Nice Nissan

    I do like it

    I get a 370Z vibe
  14. Roof like looks koenigseggsy.
  15. It's the only part of the car I really like
  16. Kind of a mix
  17. A-pillar to B-pillar
  18. I think it looks good.
  19. dont agree with him that guys dumb
  20. Well, it certainly looks better than I was expecting. The front is a bit soft, but overall it looks good.
  21. looks so hot from the side
  22. thats farkin sexy
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    i came
  24. the roofline/windows
  25. from the side pic it reminds me off the Miura concept Lamborghini made a few years ago

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