newby here help looking for renault 5 turbo 1 or 2

Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by renault5please, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. looking to purchase renault 5 turbo 1 or 2 any sites etc
    thanks for looking
  2. what you are looking for?Images,technical data?
  3. Turbo 1 or 2.. which one do you prefer, from which nation, and what's your max expenditure saldo?
  4. 1 or 2 £14,000 and where to look
  5. Where are you from, is importing an option?
  6. england,yes importing is an option
  7. Ok, I'll keep my eyes open and search in an active way for you. R5-fans should be supported by every car-fanatic.
  8. Ok, I found one Turbo II in Hoevelaken, Netherlands. Yet it's € 22.900 (1986 / 34.000 km's) - white. I'll PM the link to you, because the link is this long that it would screw up the whole page.
  9. wonderfull,thanks cant wait
  10. thanks again mate looks nice where else can i look
  11. Don't know yet, I keep on looking in the meanwhile.
  12. have fun, robert
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  14. wtf? 23.000€ ?!?!?!! It´s a fast nice funny car, but it´s spine-chilling such a price! oh my God...
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    Yeah it´s great, and with a very little km, but it´s just the price really astonished´d almost afford a Golv V GTI
  17. To be really honest.. I'd pick it over a Golf V..
    Do I sound like a fanboy now? I mean what I stated.
  18. Well, not choosing a Golf V is nowadays a good decission, they ruined a myth. However thinking in safety, comfort and logical terms the Golf would be the election, but if I wanted it as a second or whim car the R5 would be perfect! I mean, the R5 is not a rational but heart nice election.
  19. Exactly.. and my heart seems to speak moreoften than my brains.
  20. It happens the same to me, but with my dick instead of my
  21. you can always say you would pick it over a clio v6, I know i would
  22. That's a rather harder choice.. The R5 definitely looks better.. but for as far as I know.. the Turbo II has like 115 or 120 hp.
  23. this thread is lacking pictures... here are some taken by me

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