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Discussion in '1994 Ford Mustang GT' started by 70SuperBee, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Re: This vrs. 1994 Toyota Celica GT

    the celica is not even in the same class, the 1994 toyota supra is in the same class, but then again the supra is better in every way.

    you are compairing a V8 ford to a I4 toyota, and the toyota still comes out on top.

    compair the 4.6 V8 mustang to the 3l I6 supra

    they are in the same class.

    but then again the supra is better in every way...

    4.6ltr V8 mustang in 1994 makes 215HP

    3ltr turbo I6 supra makes 320HP ok, the best mustang vs the est supra, the supra is much faster, so i'll comair the best mustang vs the base supra

    4.6ltr V8 mustand in 1994 makes 215HP

    the 3ltr N/A I6 supra makes 220HP. that is sad, they are both the same year. and the supra looks better, accel's faster, has a nicer interer, and handles better, the supra is not the best handling, but it handles better then the mustang.
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    How stupid are you?The 4.6 liter V8 wasen't around until 1996.
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    True. Engine was the good ole 5.0
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    ayo ...yall have to be kidding me....this would smoke a 94 celica...0-60 is 6.5 to not sure wut the celica 0-60 was but im pretty sure it was either in the 8 to 7 sec range...and the quater mile times for the celica was probaly in the high 15 to 16 sec range for the celica...they where not fast at all...this car is more in line with the supra....and that carN/a would not walk on this car that bad
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    TREwon wat about the HANDLING this v8 can`t compare in the handling with a celica men, and 215hp for a v8 weak men so weak and the 94 celica if I`m not wrong is a 4wd which is even more troble for the stang
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    1-Would you stop saying "men"?
    2-215 ponies isn't weak. I would prefer the 225 horsepower 5.0 from the '87-'92 stang, but it's not weak.
    3-Of course your beloved Celica would beat the Stang in handling, it doesn't have to handle near as much power or torque as the Mustang.
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    but they ford V8 suscks so bad in this it should be compared with I4 and 6cyl.
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    Keep in mind that this also pulls 285 lb/feet of Torque, which will also help this car in the racing scene.
  9. Re: GAY ASS CAR

    I agree with superlative one. MOST Mustang drivers(not all) think they have more than what they do. And to settle the debate over the cost of makin a base or gt mustang fast and the cost of a camaro in the end its about the same sure the camaro mite cost 3 or 4 thousand more but mustangs make up for that 3 or 4 thousand in trying to make the car faster.

    Its not the mustang thats the ass, its a good car. Its the cocky ass person behind the wheel.
  10. Re:

    The Mustang.

    The Celica wasn't even in the 15s in the 1/4.
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    buy a supra and then u r out of money, or buy a mustang and put all kinds of performance parts that would equal the same as u bought the supra for and the mustang would kill the supra in handling and in a straight line.
  12. Re: Re:

    Does that matter on a windy road?

    Geeze - being a "corolla racer" you should know that there's a lot more to racing than just acceleration, and a Celica would be much faster through windy areas. Hell, the 94 Celica was "only" a dominant rally champion in Both Hill-climb, and WRC championships.
  13. Re: GAY ASS CAR

    Well I have to let you all know I have A 1994 Mustang that will chirp
    in 2nd gear. On the other hand I know your ass ass camaro will not
    what did you call it oh chirp in 4th or 3rd gear if it is stock and
    if it's not then your talking of another story.Then your talking the
    person with the most money in there car wins.Whether it's A 5.0 liter
    or A cheap GM 5.7 liter.If I hade to go as low I would have got A
    Trans Am because if you ask me camaro's look gay.:p
  14. Re: GAY ASS CAR

    Now we know you talk shit it bothers guys like you that GM doesn't
    know what to do so they stopped making secretary cars such as the
    camaro oh or the ss.And maybe you guys with the old cars will definitely hate the new powerhouse thats comming after the corvette
    with only A 4.6 liter.Oh you probably wan't to know what that is it
    is 2004 saleen 550 HP.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. Re: GAY ASS CAR

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>I have a 1994 mustang and get plenty puntang I think guys like you
    that are jealous of the mustang should sell your GM cars for a couple
    of dollars and put some with it to buy your self some mojo with a
    mustang and I would say I have slaughtered camaros and trans ams with
    my 94 besides GM was smart to stop producing those secretary cars
    like I said go get a legend drive mustangs. PS I think camaros look
    gay.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Man you people are easy to figure out. Your just getting your way bashing on one of the worst mustangs made in its year. Why dont you try comparing the true powered V8 like the Mustang Cobra or something.

    Seriously though, choose a different year cause you all know this year really took effect on everyone's opinion on Ford. Nothing says these Mustangs cant handle. Ive seen them pull out turns and curves like its nothing. Quit judging its performance by what engine it has.

    And BTW, the weight on these specs is wrong...
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    i gotta say something to password please, i always see you on camaro forums or mustang forums especially the ones caomparing it to an import. the thing is u always have smart comments about why the import is better, and then you talk about your civic that you made into a rally car. well you really should stay out of these forums cuz you have no real incite. the 94 gt cant handle? where do you get that from? i own one and they seem to handle pretty damn well if u ask me.ive also heard you say torque isnt as good as high rpm hp for getting out of a corner becuz the torque will just make ur tires spin. give me a break man. you should just leave becuz all you do is listen to stereotypical people talk about unreliable bad handling domestic cars. you really shouldnt talk out of your @@s. my opinion is the GT.
  18. mustangs are soooooo pussy
  19. It's True
  20. true true their so cheapnot that great the new one is good though

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