NEWS:Rolls Royce auctioned for $14.3 Million!

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  1. When you have money, lots of them, buying a car that you like is not a problem. But, to pay $14.3 million that is beyond imagination. And it happened: a prominent Texas lawyer and car collector bought up a chunk of Rolls Royce automobiles as they sat on the auction block at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance auction in California.

    The full slate of cars went for $14.3, just under the $15 million Solove expected to fetch for them. Eight of the vehicles, including all of the Silver Ghosts on the block except for one, were bought by billionaire Houston trailawyer John O’Quinn, who came by his success in high-profile cases such as Texas’ $17.3 billion settlement with the tobacco industry, lawsuits against breast-implant manufacturers, and most famously (or infamously) lately, Virgie Arthur, the mother of Anna Nicole Smith’s, as she fought for custody of Smith’s daughter.


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