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  1. This car is not gonna be produced but it is damn fast.<!-- Signature -->
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    itz the newest deisign for the s-type
    that is to say the next gen of the s-type i think it is actualy<!-- Signature -->
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    No..its really fast it was at a kinda reccent mtor show un-fortunetly they said it was not gonna be produced... But ya never know....<!-- Signature -->
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    probably, because how else do F1 drivers change gears? What i want to know is why is it an Auto with F1 style gear change? that doesn't make sense...<!-- Signature -->
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    they don't need to make it now because they have the S-Type R with has 390hp
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    S-Type coupe version will look very similar to this.
    Arden Jaguars uses a 6 speed paddle shift or sequential tranny.
    components are already out there

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