Next Defender: Changes under the skin

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    Land Rover might have just launched a new Freelander, but these spy shots prove that it's not leaving the legendary Defender alone either.

    Taken inside Land Rover's Solihull factory, the pics show that the classic Defender shape remains basically unchanged - although there is now a slight bonnet bulge. That's needed to accommodate one of the main alterations - the new 2.2-litre diesel engine. The 128bhp unit, taken from the Ford Transit, produces 228lb ft of torque. It replaces the Td5, which doesn't meet Euro4 emissions regulations.

    If the bodyshell has only been tweaked, the interior has been radically changed. The current car's instruments, which hark back to 1983, have been replaced by dials and dashboard trim from the new Freelander.

    Ventilation controls have moved from their current home on the side of the instrument pod to the more conventional location of the centre console. The rear seats now face forward instead of inward.

    Land Rover sells 25,000 Defenders a year, but the car is profitable. The lack of airbags means the Defender can't be sold in the US, but a totally new car is not likely to arrive before 2010.

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  2. the defender is awesome
  3. ugly but awsome
  4. They gave it a dash ? part of the charm was the "visible from the moon" panel gaps, thsi goes completly against tradition
  5. screams PLASTIC and doesn�t fit into it! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. can you still jet wash the interior?
  7. ever since the 80's you lost that ability iirc
  8. i dont like it reminds me of a hummer
  9. i know, i was joking
  10. thank God that there still is the Mercedes G-class to go for instead
  11. whats wrong with this?
  12. its losing it�s origin
  13. that is because you are an ignorant idiot, the defender was in production longbefore the Hummer
  14. Completly different class, don't be doltish
  15. I think it's cool, but the old interior should be avaliable aswell. Make it a City version and the other a Rural Redneck version.
  16. no its not
  17. wow chill #%[email protected] i noe it was in production longbefore the hummer u dumb #$%#
  18. you "noe" ?
  19. its "slang" cuz this aint no english class were i have to write everythin properly piece of shit
  20. yes this isn't an english class, but then again no one is forcing you type like an idiot either
  21. Do you see anyone else speaking like you? And being a young person, like I assume you are, doesn't mean you can talk like that. I don't. It's not hard, and you'll be more respected.
  22. why do rats like yourself SMS here?...
  23. What? The Exterior looks the same. The interior of the new G-wagon, wihch is awesome, looks like a damn S-class. How aobut that for "losing itýs origin"
  24. losing its gin?

  25. This, the Lada Niva and the G. I want them.

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