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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. why do they sms like that <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  2. rocha forte u #$%#in #%$gat u got no life ur probaly those kind of people who have no job n sit on the computer all day n really fat n suck cocks n mad caddie little kids should stay quit while adults are talkin got that #%!@ and nishav shut the #$%# up #%!@
  3. stop dissin me homie, or I shall be forced to cap yo ass
  4. u wouldnt able to be cuz u cant pick up ur fat ass of the sofa
  5. nigga please
  6. #%!@ i aint a nigga im brown u porugal shit
  7. you are indian ? where is my curry ?
  8. i gave it to ur mom last nite didnt u hear the screams u #%!@
  9. its was your smell, seriously don't you people bathe ?
  10. ya we do u #$%# face #$%#n kill u come here in say in my face u #%!@ ass portugal mother #$%#er u sercaily dont have life evertime i come on supercars ur on u fat ass portugal gay y mother#$%#in cock sucker ur mouth is always full of nuts like every portugal mother#$%#er #%!@ ass mother #$%#er its ur time to suck cocks n go n leave n spend less time on supercars u fat ass homo
  11. I assume that it spontaneously burst into a song with full coreography once you started insulting me. Also congratulations on learning how to see other users profiles, now you just need to learn how to log off
  12. my mesages probaly got deleted cus dissed ur fat ass so badly get a life homo kikin me u pussy wat u cryin no hahaha u n spend less time on supercars man sercaily u got no life ur fat ass is always on line n ur not a thug ur internet thug but fo real life ur #%!@ ass ho u pussy gettin me kiked out couldnt handle the the disses i dissed so bad u cryin little baby
  13. Stop whining. You got banned probably because I reported you. It's not ok to flame people in that way. I recommend you changing your behaviour and either leaving this site or not post until you have grown up.
  14. ponctuation is a concept you should try to understand
  15. Holy shit you're an idiot. How do you expect someone to take you seriously when you talk/type like this. I've seen and heard people like this before and it must be the most annoying thing ever.
  16. don't be a racist leave Sinjin alone
  17. lol, I didn't make 1 racist comment
  18. get a life n and come on superars less, theres something called OOOOUUUUUUTSIDE u should go there som time u fat ass u stay on supercars all day prche addict u wanna get dissed n make cry like did to rockeforte
  19. amazing how you tell him to get a life when you go anal just because someone says something you don't like in the internet.
  20. Seriously man, start typing in normal english. This is seriously pissing me off.
  21. yes you did, you dispise packis and punjabis
  22. I'm actually outside, I have wi-fi - hence I'm typing from a balcony while sun bathing
  23. lol
  24. Closed, too much insults and flames to delete.
    "rockaforteisgay", please. You can't start flames because RockaForte differs from your opinion of whatever this is. Come up with something to counter his argument instead of writing "ur gay homo, yo, motha#$%#a", etc..
  25. his name is desijatt and he likes curry

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