Next gen $1M Supercars

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Amazing Asian, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Looks like we finally have a clear image of what the top tier supercars will be for the next few years.

    McLaren P1
    Porsche 918 Spyder
    Pagani Huayra

    All cost around a million dollars(ish). All are supposed to go around a track as fast as possible. From there on, everything else is different.

    Which would you want?
  2. I think all things considered.......I'd want the Pagani, followed by LaFerrari.
  3. LaFerrari and Pagani are really hard to choose between I give a slight nod to the Ferrari

    I can't even think of what to say to justify the choice other than it is my gut reaction ...

    I really love them all & very curious about the 918 performance
  4. LaFerrari
  5. my heart badly wanted to say 918 because I feel like it'll be the Carrera GT of this generation too. In the way that it's kinda understated but Porsche driving dynamics are always top notch.

    The production version though, without the side exhausts....maybe looks a little bland.
  6. ya , I think it might actually make the best car , but I think when your pretending to spend that much money you need to pick the most emotional one ...

    I also like to think of what will be the most collectible when bench buying cars ... in this regard I think the Pagani tops my list.
  7. I really like this whole idea of Ferrari picking it's owners I think.

    Basically, you pick your most loyal clients, the richest ones that have bought multiple new vehicles from you. It keeps the LaFerrari super prestigious, makes everyone else want to be part of the exclusive invite group, ensures that the new owners will be far too rich to immediately consider flipping the car for a fast profit.

    The best part is, if you're part of the group, Ferrari with the LaFerrari, Lambo with the Veneno/Reventons, you basically get free equity. Simply taking delivery of the 1:400 or 1:3 or whatever car ensures that you immediately just made money on your investment
  8. I remember when the enzo came out it almost instantly hit 1-1.4 million from its base 650k or whatever ... I wonder if the new one will hit 2m when it first comes out.
  9. voted for that porsche
    the mclaren and huayra both look awful
  10. pagani is my favorite. The rest aren't bad though.
  11. easy, I'd say.

    Somewhere out there is some middle eastern prince or something who forgot to mail in his LaFerrari confirmation card.

    If people are fighting over each other to pay 2+ mill for a jazzed up Lambo Murcielago and now 4 million for a done up Aventador, 2million for a LaFerrari almost seems cheap. (exclusivity not considered, obvs)
  12. None of those, I'd rather spend a bit more and go for the ultimate hypercar.
  13. hmmm, I left off the Veyron because I didn't think it carried the same principles of the others.

    don't think I missed anything else....

  14. zing.

    Huayra, LaFerrari second (there was a brief moment of apprehension upon first seeing the pics, all is well though).
  15. The Veyron is too boring and isn't fast enough for me.
  16. honestly guy, inclusion of the K-segg on this list wouldn't have made any difference to the poll results. 1 vote.

    If you keep this up, one day you could possibly be the proud owner of all available and surviving K-seggs. Just like those dudes that haunt TVR shops picking through bins and shit, looking for Speed 12 parts.
  17. Pagani, McLaren, Porsce, Ferrari
  18. McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari, Pagani

    Not that the pagani isn't great, but it's lacking the drama of the Zonda.

    Still rather have a 900+ hp lambo though. The K-Segg honestly does deserve to be on there. If McLaren is on there, give the Segg a spot. McL hasn't entered this segment since the F1 and I don't think that qualifies it. It's qualified because the P1 is awesome and the MP4-12C is technically fantastic.

    I wouldn't have it over even the Pagani though.
  19. yah but the technology and precision of the McLaren is nowhere to be found on K-segg. And like McLaren is a giant company, with a giant network. K-segg still comes across as a basement operation (obviously it isnt).

    Plus, all the models included are brand new models, somewhat replacing other models.

    The Agera is basically an update on the same original model that competed with the Enzos and Carrera GTs and Zondas.

    But truthfully, i just flat out forgot about the Agera when I made the poll.
  20. True about the technology. But Lamborghini would never be left off this list if they came out with a 900+ hp model. And I promise you they'd never use a electric motor! It would be sledgehammer engineering, just like the k-segg.
  21. Lambo deserves to have a car on this list.

    the Aventador is just a shade shy of competing. I just don't think they have the finances to fully dedicate years and years of production into a 500 model series.

    Also, seems like their racing team isn't as experimental as Ferrari and Porsche and McLaren. That could hamper some development of the really exotic technologies like KERS.
  22. Pagani. It took some time but now I really like the Huayra.

    I'd still have a Zonda 760RS over all of these though.
  23. people that don't have to deal with raging balls all the time are big fans of the k'segg. maybe it's our over reaction to him, maybe it is we're getting tired of seeing the same car since 2002 just made more and more dumber looking but they do nothing for me anymore.

    "here's the same car with a new stripe and a bunch of absurd numbers that will never be verified"
  24. i thought all yall hated the huayara
  25. For me the problem with the K'seggs is that they keep increasing the power but the rest of the car doesn't seem to evolve.

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