Next gen $1M Supercars

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Amazing Asian, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. dark blue metallic Pagani Huayra.
  2. 918 for me.
  3. the 918, the rest are just a bit too flashy for my liking
  4. I always thought you liked extravagant looking cars.
  5. having a hard time picking because i really like them all for different reasons. i still really like the aventador too. i know this is in euro cars but the new nsx is getting closer too.

    then we get cars like the 4c and all the new hot hatches hitting the market. it's great to see a lot of cars coming out that i care about again
  6. would be a good time to have a million dollars to blow on a car
  7. Would still rather have an old Venturi 400GT
  8. That blue Pagani in the gallery. Thats my choice.
  9. I noticed it seems to have a front splitter which I haven't seen on any other Huayra yet.
  10. Pics aren't loading
  11. i don't like this trend of unpainted roof/pillars going on now
  12. just searched the blue Huayra. And yes!

    That blue Huayra. That lip spoiler. That sound system. Perfect. Unlike the other 3 choices, the Huayra actually has a fantastic interior too. I feel like Porsches is gonna be too Vertu phone and techy because it's a hybrid too.
  13. blue Pagani
  14. also the wheels could be better. I'd like them more with straight spokes or like BBS LMs maybe.
  15. why the #$%# are my posts not showing up in this particular thread? the coding on this forum is #$%#ED.
  16. I'd take a blue Huayra too, but the same blue as this Zonda F.
  17. I still want to see a Huayra or Zonda in a really really dark purple metallic.
  18. Pagani is a nice car but it isn't pure. I'm sorry folks will get mad but a car with a Mercedes engine and Italian styling shouldn't really count. Its just like Lamborghini usuing german motors, transmissions & engineering.

    The Porshce, P1 and LaFerrari are pure 1,000,000$ supercars with in house developed technologies from their respective racing programs I'd want.
  19. Hey, Innotech
  20. lol, idiot.
  21. this thread is still #$%#ed.
  22. Lol

    Inno have you posted your choice yet?
  23. I now submit my own interpretation of 'pure' supercar, which excludes hybrids.

    The Pagani out of these four

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