Next gen $1M Supercars

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Amazing Asian, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. yes, when they're sedans and such.. somehow for sportscars I like it when they're a bit understated, unless they're from before the 90s
  2. Hybrid is such a gay tech, and it's the main reason why none of these new supercars do it for me.
  3. I'm also glad each of these cars don't have 1000hp+.
  4. I'm not in love with battery tech either , but I think all of these cars incorporate it in a way that doesn't compromise their purpose.
  5. Cannot choose from those.

    Would spend more and get a McLaren F1.
    Would spend less and get a CGT.
    Would take a Zonda over the Huyera.
    Then comes the idea... would have Ferrari make a 250LM style remake from the LaFerrari, priceless.

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  6. Mclaren p1 then huayra then fezza then porsche
  7. hi tech
    lo tech
    GAY tech looool
  8. exactly opposite for I
    you're an idiot
    personal attack ya lame model building ****
  9. none of those is nice for me. Remanufacture the Dauer 962 LM which is a much better car than all these horrid designs
  10. Until one can build their own engine, you can't be taken seriouis. Its like having another man screw your wife she's happy and you walk around thinking you're the man.

    Build your own freaking engine! Anybody can draw a cartoon car on paper then put it in sheet metal & use someone elses engine. The engine is the heart and soul of any car.
  11. Model building? Stfu
  12. Yeah, anyone can do that. That's probably why everyone is doing it. I guess we can take the McLaren F1 off the 'pure' supercar list for having a BMW engine?

    Instead we can use your LaFerrari/918 example, with the heart and soul of a Prius.
  13. that analogy literally makes no sense
  14. lol, idiot
  15. Agreed!

    I've heard that Gordon Murray and Horacio Pagani were #$%#ing lazy. Terrible work habits.

    That's actually almost exactly how it happened. At respective points in both of their lives (probably stoned off their asses), they just doodled cartoon cars on paper, called up engine makers, kicked up their feet and called it a day.

    #$%#ing ungrateful fluke artists.

    Hell, #$%# them. I made 2 BRAND NEW supercars BEFORE NOON yesterday. I'm getting the crayon sketches transferred in a clay model by the art class and some of the kids in shop class are gonna put it together for me.

    Gold plated engine bay!? tacky.

    Made up his own carbon fiber weave pattern? #$%#ing diva.
  16. Those guys probably don't even know what a piston is! Just a couple of silly cartoonists who decided to build cars.
  17. Stan Lee has a SICK supercar coming out next month.
  18. can't wait till the clearslider enters production
  19. P1

    I'd take a zonda over any of them though.
  20. Didn't Ferrari start off by using FIAT engines?
  21. i hope lap times and driving dynamics mimic their lesser counterparts.

    McLaren P1 > Fastest, easiest to drive with best computers

    LF > Best sound, cool exotic tech like KERS and active aero, passion

    Porsche > Hybrid, well rounded, subtle(r)

    and then the Pagani representing the bespoke, exotic tastes segment.
  22. I tried to read the Fchat version of this same thread...ugh. Most of the posts on there would give you the impression that both McLaren and Pagani are right on the edge of going out of business. One even seems interested in the cars themselves.
  23. I like to mess with those crazy #$%#ers.
    they called me a lamborghini fan, which is I suppose partly true since I like Lambos, but Im nowhere near a diehard fan of them. but I had the gall to suggest the LF wasnt perfect.
    Also Napolis on the forum is James Glickenhaus and everyone here knows who he is. Hes cool to talk to. One of the few.
  24. If you got enough money you can.

    Whats stopping Bill Gates or any industrial prick who has a few bucks and thinks he knows something about cars? All he's got to do is order an engine from BMW, Mercedes or Toyota, get some sketch artist to draw the silly cartoonish looking car they can imagine he fund the project and most of you here will be wetting the bed looking at your posters all night wishing you had one.

  25. Yeah like Lamborghini.

    I'm just saying the Pagani shouldn't be in the same category as the Ferrari, P1 or 918. Those cars are true middlemen for road car-F1 car. They were built and designed in house from scratch with decades and decades of racing know how.

    Of course though a guy like innotech will tell you kers isn't an F1 technology and its just BS marketing from McLaren and Ferrari.

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