Next gen $1M Supercars

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Amazing Asian, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. yes because Pagani had nothing to do with Ferrari winning all those F1 championships in the late 90's.
  2. McLaren has had difficulty selling the P4 & the P1 despite the hype isn't exactly setting the world on fire because many feel its styling isn't up to par with the F1.

    All that being said, yes the super market is crowded, somebody is certainly going out of business. I personally think its going to be Lamborghini. You can see how nervous they've been at every car show putting on hyped meaningless cars. They'll be out of business in 25 years unless they find a cheaper form of carbon fiber or they go hybrid. The urus isn't going into production and they are too chicken to go front engine.

    Of course they'll try to use some form of kers and market to the world LAMBORGHINI DEVELOPS NEW KERS SYSTEM even though they don't have a single clue to racing anything professionally.
  3. this guy
  4. do you understand how much it costs for a giant car maker to make a new engine? that's why they #$%#ing share engines from vehicle to vehicle and use architecture from old engines and shit, improving upon it for like, decades.

    do you know how hard it is to build a brand new supercar engine with exotic technologies?

    do you know how little money is made selling ultra rare low volume models?

    #$%# you.
  5. 1. Huayra
    2. 918

    I feel like the 918 will be the best car and I think it's beautiful, albeit understated when put next to the others.

    I don't really know what to make of the McLaren or the Ferrari yet.
  6. Iron Stallion's prediction of the week: Lamborghini will be out of business in TWENTY-FIVE years.

    I can't help but laugh.
  7. nothing that i like
  8. Just saw La Ferrari and it was far from a "wow" it looks like a styling concept
  9. 918 is still a prototype, unfinished car, it will look a bit different, and will be more powerfull then the specs you can find atm.
  10. McLaren P1 is looking best of those..
  11. Mclaren P1, then the 918, then the LaFerrari, last the Huayra. It's just outmatched in this crowd.

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