Next-gen Dodge Viper news

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  1. Im with gothp. The viper is an impressive car that did its intended job and more.
  2. The panel gaps on that yellow Viper are in Koenigsegg territory. I hope they sort that out, looks terrible!

  3. That car was in fact a crash test car. Lol.
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    Some new videos and the cover of the new Forza. It has been confirmed that this is how the stripes will be offered by SRT, no tapering.

  5. New pictures from CAAP (Corner Avenue Assembly Plant).

  6. Looks good, looks really good.
  7. Same steering wheel as the MP4-12C?

    Looks great though if a little strange at the front.
  8. I rather have an LF-A even if it is slower and cost about three Vipers.
  9. Well yeah.
  10. Two more photoshops from 'Austin' over on the forum.

  11. that blue looks excellent

    really excited to see one of these in person sometimes soon... what is the actual delivery date expected?
  12. Those darker coloUrs indeed look good. No coincidence they dont include the front probably. I want to see all the stripe combos. Someone pshop it up
  13. Can we all take a moment at appreciate that this car even exists in its current form? There were tons of rumors theyd axe the engine, or make it look different, but here it is V10 and all and still looking like a god damn viper. America #$%# Yea
  14. In a way I'm glad they didn't use an Italian engine in this.
  15. The GTS-R at one of the recent NARRA events and the new cover of Viper magazine featuring the SRT Viper hood and the SRT Viper GTS hood.

  16. The only thing looked into beside the V10 was another engine that will make it into another vehicle, and that was when the vehicle was still a design study.
  17. interior still looks cheap.
  18. This is the best looking of the three generations of Viper.
  19. No, it doesn't.
  20. dont feed the troll
  21. except that it does. airvents look cheap and plasticky, the dashboard on the passenger side looks absolutely terrible. and jesus christ, look at the shifter. it's better than a corvette, that's for sure, but it's still no where near as good as the european or asian counterparts.
  22. Whatever.

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