Next-gen Dodge Viper news

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by V8stangman, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. i dont like when cars just look so similar to the model it replaces.

    i think 99% of people would identify it as a Viper, which is good, but they'd mistake it for the old one.

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  3. I kind of agree too.
  4. Serious? I'd never, ever consider buying a Viper over a 911 Turbo. Vipers are cool but Viper ownership has never appealed to me. Except maybe an early model first gen RT10.
  5. Yeah this, except first gen GTS for me
  6. im just the opposite, why buy a turbo/gtr when you could have a viper?
  7. it just seems like you get so much more with the turbo or gtr. then again, youre probably getting a lot more than can go wrong.
  8. your getting more gadgets, The viper is much simpler and thats what i prefer. It will also outperform the gtr and turbo.
  9. But the 911 looks so similar to the model it replaces
  10. Not to mention the Turbo is 40% more expensive (base msrp), which is a bit more than substantial. It seems like more of a direct competitor to the GTR to me, and I just think that the Viper would provide a more exciting 'supercar' experience IMO. The uglier-than-it-should've-been front end makes it a harder choice, though.

    I guess its possible to consider the Viper and 911, but when you're in that kind of market, it probably all boils down to what kind of experience the consumer is looking for. A more technical 911/R8/GTR target, or a rawer and maybe more visceral (for better or worse) Viper/ZR1 one?

    To me it feels like the Viper would be more of a choice to fulfill the childhood awe side of things, which is enough of a reason if that's what makes your juices flow. I feel like I might be closer to that side of the fence, honestly.

    Though an earlier GTS, as said earlier, might still be my ultimate Viper preference. RT-10s make me meh pretty damn hard tbh. I almost dislike them.
  11. owned.

  12. Still uses pushrod engines. Needs a much higher redline
  13. pushrods are not holding the engine back from spinning up higher.
  14. explain why
  15. To troll you
  16. Because there are tons of pushrod engines that spin up beyond 8k, gasp, even some vipers.
  17. ugh someone put a disgusting truck engine in my
    is this some kind of
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  19. Its better than the new Corvette C7!
  20. I'm a stupid spammer.
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  22. rip party paul

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