Next-gen Dodge Viper news

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by V8stangman, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. "... the new SRT (Street and Racing Technology) brand, which has evolved from being an in-house tuning division to its own entity, headed by Chrysler design boss Ralph Gilles."

  2. Looks like Car and Driver spilled the beans a little early.
  3. Shitty photoshopped Alfa is shitty...
  4. Oh, death death DEATH to the crosshair grille! Put a bullet in its head, already. Glad the legend is back, though. I barely had time to miss it...
  5. That photoshop has been around for a LONG time. Not the new Viper.

  6. thanks for posting!
  7. Can't believe I got punk'd by Car and Driver...
  9. wow this new viper looks stunning, thank you car and driver!!!!
  10. Will it have some type of solid axles
  11. Prolly got apollos axles for maximum grip
  12. lol
  13. #$%# lol
  14. Which Viper logo do you prefer?
  15. original logo is best

    new logo looks like it's being poked in the butt
  16. 1st/2nd. The new one is shitty and eXrreeme like a new expansion team's logo
  17. all of them are pretty cheesy
  19. I wish Dodge kept the original logo.
  20. All three logos are kinda shit, IMO. Shouldn't look like a silly cartoon.
  21. All Vipers look cartoonish.
  22. I like how the 2nd one looks like a duck if you flip it over.
  23. I think they're part of the charm. Vipers are outrageous and fun and the logos match the personality of the car, and quite like them for it.
  24. the first one screams "disregard that. I suck cocks."

  25. Ahaha

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