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  1. i couldn't find any info on it really, but all i know is the engine will come from mazda, and it should have engine sizes from 1.8L all the way to 2.5L. it chassis will be designed partly will volvo and safty will come from volvo also. i believe ford would only
    really have hands in the electronic and some other parts of it.
    this structure is going to also underpin the next jen mazda prodoge and volvo s40.
    can't wait to see this thing out, looks much meaner and better than present focus.
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    hey does anyone have any date time on this thing, coun't find anything specific. the next jen i meant
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    You could ask Biker16 at He really knows a lot about the Focus and its upcoming models.

    I'm really happy about the redesign, it's much more attractive than the current car. The Focus right now takes some getting used to. The new Focus is just drop-dead gorgeous compared to it.

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