Next skyline gtr??

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  1. ..could it be?

    i have not been following the whole skyline thing lately, so excuse me if im miles out
  2. i heard somewhere that new skyline was "based" on the G35, but not sure
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    Probably the next G35/Skyline Coupe, however the next GT-R will no longer be based on the Skyline but rather a separate model unto itself based on a dedicated sports-car chassis (not a 2 door sedan body as with previous GT-Rs) the near final version of which can be seen in the GT-R PROTO Concept.
  4. See THIS is what I'm talking about. How can people get so hyped up over this supposedly new car when it is the exact replica of the Infiniti G35. It's not an "Infiniti Concept", it's the Infiniti G35 with a boosted engine. Congratulations, its not a new model, it's a new trim.
  5. Um, did you all not see the Nissan GT-R Proto Concept? That thing didn't have an engine or a finished interior, but that's what the next Skyline is, you know. Skyline's a Nissan sedan (the Proto looked like a coupe, if I recall correctly), and this is a separate coupe based on the G35, which was of course based on the Skyline. They're all connected, but they're all diffferent cars.
  6. i think not. really not. this car is crap.. i mean, firstly, when did copying the body of the bentley continental become a fashion thing? let alone a must-have?...

    and secondly, whats the point of ahving a big car like that which has mirrors with a length shorter than that of your average-sized rat?
  7. its pretty slick
  8. they are the same body same car, i dont know if there are any performance differences though.
  9. no you #$%#ing dumbshit
    the gtr is a totally different car from the g35
    and you wont even see this kind of car in america, the steering wheel must be circular and there are no cupholders
  10. The Infiniti Coupe concept is a preview for the styling of the next generation Infiniti G35 Coupe and Sedan.

    The Infiniti G35 is the American variant of the Nissan Skyline, and also shares it's platform with the Nissan 350Z (Fairlady Z in Japan), known under the platform names of "V35" (Skyline/G35) and "Z33" (Fairlady Z/350Z)

    The next generation of Skyline/G35 is previewed in this concept, and will share the platform named "V36".

    The upcoming Nissan GT-R (the GT-R is no longer part of the Skyline range) will be it's own seperate model, however it will share the same basic platform as the Skyline/G35 as well as the Fairlady Z/350Z, but will be named "R36". It will share some basic structures, but for the most part be a completely different vehicle.

    Because of the similarities in the "family" of Skyline/G35, Fairlady Z/350Z, and GT-R, each will share some styling elements, which is why the Infiniti Coupe Concept contains some elements seen on the GT-R Concept.
  11. No, it's not the next GT-R. Read the post above me.
  12. i like the interiour, very simple, very modern.
  13. this is sex...
  14. Nishav, the reason the mirrors are so small is because they're not actually mirrors, but cameras.
    I personally like the design. Sure, it's not a major departure from the current G35/Skyline, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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