NFL Pick'em, Scores are up!!

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  1. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    lol and so it begins. first score by the cardinals on a long run ... very first play of the game.
  2. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

  3. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    yea, the exact opposite is happening since arizona can't tackle.
  4. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    The Chargers are godawful at stopping the run. I think the Jets have a chance from that angle. I'd still pick SD though.
  5. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    Looks like I missed out on 5 points :'(. Indianapolis
    San Diego
  6. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    holy shit Saints went beastmode.
    I had a feeling, as I said before, that the team would come together when they got healthy. Greer really makes a huge difference, and you saw that how the pass rush got to Warner and Sharper got a turnover (and almost two). Saints offense is too potent to get knocked out of rhythm for too long due to depth. Shockey does make a big difference though. Altogether it was one of the most solid Saints games Ive ever seen.
  7. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    The Saints totally dominated the Cardinals
    So many mistakes by the Ravens that cost them the win.
  8. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    Since I can't see stickies and this showed up as most recent topic, let me add:


    Ravens really need a wide receiver. I need to drink a lot after that game.
  9. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    if Ed Reed had held onto that int and the other int had counted, the game would have looked much different. Peyton didnt look so hot in this game. He has been playing sloppy and his receivers have been bailing him out sometimes.
  10. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    poor Ray Rice too. dude was trying his damnedest and fumbled and then caused that pick with the deflection.
  11. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    I really hope the Vikings win the SB this year. i'd like to see Farve get one more, he gets a lot of shit, and he deserves a lot of it, but it doesnt change the fact that even after all these years (more than most NFL players thats for sure) he is still doing an excellent job.

    for that i respect the guy and hope the best for him.

    i wouldn't hate seeing NO win either though.
  12. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    Vikings are smackin
  13. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    I pretty much cant stand Favre. He deserves accolades, but I just dont like something about him. My SAints are so close to getting to the big one that I want them to blow out Favre and the Vikings in a humiliating loss. My team has NEVER had respect and no one has ever taken them seriously until this year, and it took a nearly flaweless season to do it. Favre hasd his glory and his superbowls, I want my Saints to get one. New Orleans has supported that team through some of the most disastrous seasons in NFL history, being known for inventing the backwards pass, the shanked extra point after a miraculous play and losing to the Tampa bay Bucs after they went 0-26. Finally my team has the players, the talent, and the momentum to do this and Im damn sure not rooting for the Vikes.
  14. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    WTF Dallas?
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    NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    Maybe LT should wait to win something before he starts making things like this.
  16. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    dallas really had a bunch of awful mistakes today. moved the ball OK, but missed field goals, turnovers, etc just kill. hats off to the vikes tho. they were pretty studly.

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    NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    best video ever.
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    NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    yep, he's lost enough of that burst that he gets beat to holes. the 30 year old curse has struck again.
  19. NFL Pick'em, Divisional Round

    Here's this week results. The top scorers for this week are Aequitas, AMGrulz and me with 9 points. Next week, I'll ask AMGrulz to select one of the games to be Game of the Week.

    01- Aequitas...................: 9 + 197 = 206
    02- V8stangman............: 9 + 191 = 200...EV
    03- Porsche Seb............: 5 + 189 = 194...EV
    04- confusedshus.........: 4 + 184 = 188...EV
    ..- Innotech......................: 7 + 181 = 188...U2
    06- phanofmuzik2.........: 7 + 180 = 187...U1
    07- RIDDIK.....................: 0 + 184 = 184...D3
    08- Rollin Thunda..........: 4 + 164 = 168...EV
    09- SmilinGoat...............: 7 + 160 = 167...EV
    10- AMGrulz.....................: 9 + 154 = 163...U1
    11- Vision K2..................: 4 + 155 = 159...D1
    12- Jeezus..........................: 4 + 11 = 15...EV
  20. I'm guessing this is his last game in SD. I don't know who we'd pick up in his place though. Sproles can't go every down. Tolbert is more a halfback. Hester is godawful. I can't see 7 million dollars on him.
  21. they shouldn't have ever let Michael Turner go to Atlanta.
  22. exactly. Biggest #$%#up ever.
  23. well, its up to the Saints to shut up ESPN about Favre and the Minnesota Favres. They will probably try to Favre Favredly while Favreing the Favre and maybe try to Favre all the way to the Favrebowl.
  24. It works, apparently.
  25. Seriously. However, everyone here just blames Norv for all the trouble.

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