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  1. That was probably the most satisfying way that the pens could have won.

    Tonight is looking up!
  2. bingo.

    Thats why it makes me so happy to see the scrappier team win it.

    and because I hate detroit.
  3. Any of the players Detroit signed this year, really. Zetterberg and Franzen immediately come to mind. Detroit retained both for less-than-market value. And Conklin - though he probably wouldn't have fethed big bucks. And lets not pretend that any other team looked like they had a better chance at winning the Cup this season than Detroit last summer.
  4. I hate scrappy hockey. It's like watching the chaos theory demonstrated.
  5. thats why its awesome. Seeing guys winning because they try harder is always a refreshing sight. Machine like teams are boring. Get some character.
  6. The thing I liked best about the third period was how Detroit was denied the chance to really put anything together despite their dominant possession of the puck. watching the well oiled machine breakdown is just great fun!
  7. that was pittsburgh playing some seriously killer D all game. They broke up so many plays and denied so many chances via good D.
  8. That IS our character.
  9. boring and sterile isnt character.
  11. Anybody else pissed off about that first goal?

    looked like icing then the goal was created off the intercept by malkin to talbot.

    i mean red wings had what about a half dozen goals called back last year? and a game 7 like this doesn;t even seemed to be reviewed.

    Either way the games over and i'm happy to see the teams hard work rewarded. props to talbot, he's a tough playing man.
  12. I wonder what rabbit is doing right now?
  13. doubt hes living.
  14. Zetterberg and Franzen didn't leave a city where everyone loved him with a quote like "I think you guys suck, I can win moar over here".

    Conklin is kinda sorta similar, but the Pens didn't really try to keep him, and he probably wouldn't have stayed because of his playing time. He's good enough to start somewhere. Probably thought he'd get a chance behind Osgood, and he did for a while.
  15. Methodical and focused is though.
  16. Thanx to Penguins I won 2450 kronor! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
    GO Penguins!!!
  17. Woooooooooooooooooot ! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

    Lol @ Detroit, and much more at Hossa! haha
  18. @ rabbit1 and AMGrulz


    Guess amg is a pens fan now

    Why the hell would I become a Pens fan? It's not like this is the first year the Wings have gone without the Cup. I've been a Red Wings fan since the '96-'97 season, and I'm not going to jump ship now.
  20. He's from michigan, so probably not.
  21. Most definitely not.
  22. Also, I think this is the longest thread I have ever created. Go me!
  23. Methodical? since when is methodical fun?

    Lets examine some use of the word.

    "the secretary methodically sorted the files"

    "the chess player deliberated every move in a precise and methodical manner"

    "the fighters methodically probed for weaknesses until the first round was over"

    ... in all cases no one wants to watch.
  24. AMG became heterosexual.

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