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  1. The Leafs are 1 pathetic hockey organization...
  2. only in modern day...

    BTW, wow, that was a ridiculous game. First off, some terrrible calls by the ref, but that doesnt make up for the fact that the nucks need to defend the fUcKING net gad dam it. How did salo call it a night for a small injury, yet johnson goes out for every penalty kill and will dive for ANY puck, and usually get hurt in the process?

    Ugh, fustratin bro. At least the caps and bruins won.
  3. Yeah, looks like Ducks got skill too
  4. not with burke and wilson togeather. the team is doing a full rebuild. noone is safe except toskala and schenn.
  5. #$%# you they are.

    vancouver won't win a game in chicago.
  6. Any team associated with Brian Burke should be ashamed of themselves. He's one of the biggest douchebags in hockey.
  7. Going to Game 3 of Wings/Ducks at the Honda Center tomorrow!
  8. Wings need to rebound tomorrow big time!
  9. LOL OK!
  10. #$%# that ref! Ducks fans are surely happy with the outcome, but everyone who watched the game knows how hard the refs #$%#ed the Wings over tonite!
  11. #$%#.... I cannot believe I stayed up until quarter past one watching that on my laptop getting shitty quality over the UofM's wireless system in an unused classroom when I had to get up for work at 6am. Disappointment is not strong enough a word.
  12. I've never been more let down by a referee. Never.
  13. umm. the ducks. were built by Burke. they won a cup with him, they also put out the sharks this year. vancouver. was also built by burke. the sedins is probaly one of the best moves hes ever made. Burke is one of the best GMs the league has, and he recieves a tonne of respect from other GMs.
  14. Yeah, but what has he done for the Wings?
  15. Who cares, burke is good. Now both western series are tied 2-2, I really want the canes to beat boston, would make an interesting east conference. God dam orcas had the chance to win it, they just played energy save mode or something.
  16. Dammit, Wings won last night.<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  17. That's not really a dammit type of situation, really. I believe the word you want is "Yay!!!" As fitting this type of statement, please change your angry smiley into a smiling smiley.
  18. I'm really the only one who's pulling for the Canes?
  19. I can't wait to go to game 5 of the Wings/ducks series on sunday!!!
  20. Ducks sucks.
  21. Leaving for the Joe in 15 minutes! GO WINGGGS!!!
  22. This does not deserve to be relegated to the second page. Also, #$%# game sevens.
  23. game sevens are aweosme, pretty excited for caps vs pens tonight.
  24. I was SO hoping it wouldn't have to come to this though.

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