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  1. They have less than Montreal and Toronto
  2. 2-0 Wings, Chicago is going down.
  3. SOOO clutch by Sammy!!! Go Wings!!!
  4. LOL @ hawks fans thinking they will win, delusional to the max, honestly. detroit vs pitts again maybe. go canes! unless bettman decides to rig it so the pens win, that way when they do tim hortons commercials, crosby will be holding the cup, imagine the AD REVENUE!! ASTRONOMICAL, everyone in Canada, and a bunch in the states, will buy tim hortons even more.

    Tim hortons owns crosby anyways.
  5. The real problem with the wings is they play boring hockey. So did the Canucks but they're out thank god.
  6. I smell a rematch.
  7. cravin a double double now
  8. It's not boring. Watching Datsyuk unravel opposing players is quite entertaining.
  9. In about a month, 29 other teams will wish they were as boring as the Red Wings...
  10. yeah same, and some more chicken snackers.


  11. anybody else just not want to see pitsburg succede?
    i don;t even like carolina but i mean really, do i have to watch a repeate year of relativeley boring as #$%# cup final?
    i am just assuming detroits going to the final no matter what, no pitsburg allowed please.

    Bruins fan

  12. no we just let the team have it for the summer then it comes right back to the hall of fame in toronto , you don't win the cup you just rent it from us.
  13. I don't want Sidney Crosby to win the Stanley Cup. Ever.
  14. You know there are 2 of them right? A permanent one in the Hall and another awarded to each year's winner.
  15. wow, so Detroir is really now much of a team without Datsyuk
  16. We're within one goal now.
  17. No we're not. We're tied.
  18. good its tied, i dont wanna see chicago win.
  19. good its tied, i dont wanna see chicago win.
  20. YES! we won 1 game.
  21. No. There's one, single official cup, and one that stands in at the Hall of Fame when the real one is out of town.
  22. otherwise there'd be hundreds of official stanley cups and what would be the fun in that,

    like the banding for instance, the stanely cup has a banded teir with the years teams players names, when a teir gets removed for space the metal is flattened and hung up in a public vault in the trophy gallery at the HHF

    edit - wikipedia

    There are actually three Stanley Cups: the original bowl, the authenticated Cup, and the replica at the Hall of Fame. The original bowl purchased by Lord Stanley, and physically awarded to the champion for the first 71 years of competition, is currently displayed at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario.

    The authenticated version or "Presentation Cup" was created in 1963 by Montreal silversmith Carl Petersen. It is authenticated by the seal of the Hockey Hall of Fame on the bottom of the Cup, which can be seen when winning players lift the Cup over their heads, and it is the one currently awarded to the champions of the playoffs and used for promotions.[42] This version was made in secret, and its production was only revealed three years later.[47]

    The replica trophy, called the Replica Cup, was created in 1993 by Montreal silversmith Louise St. Jacques to be used as a stand-in at the Hockey Hall of Fame whenever the Presentation Cup is not available for display.[47]

  23. Crosby haters cry a lot more than Crosby ever has.
  24. seriously
  25. I only call into question his character, he's a fantastic player no doubt, but he really is a douchebag.

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