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  1. Also, none of their big players scored in the decisive Game 4.
  2. Injured Red Wings, Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Draper, and Lilja all practiced today for the first times since their injuries. This has gotta have the Pens saying shiiiiiiiit because I'm sure they weren't expecting they'd see at least a couple of those guys.

    I don't expect Lilja to play, but it's great to see him back on the ice after what could have been a career ending concussion.

    Also, Jonathon Ericsson is expected to be back for game 1 or 2 following an appendectomy earlier this week.
  4. Ugh, all 4 goals in this game were jokes. Bad luck for the Pens tonight.
  5. Detroit is still a shit city.
  6. No doubt.
  7. The Abdelkader one was pretty impressive, the rest were pretty fluky.

    Still, the Pens fans are complaining they got "screwed" by the boards. They were unlucky, but didn't get "screwed". Pittsburgh played in the same arena as Detroit, Detroit just understands how to play them better and got the breaks.
  8. So what's Pittsburgh's excuse tonight?
  9. That they suck, did Malkin end up getting instigator or something at the end? Frustration, can't beat the wings, etc.
  10. At least 2 wide open posts and another super weak ass goal by Fluery.
  11. And my rebuttal: Hit the net and not the post... Fleury hasn't been horrible but has gotten a couple bad bounces, but Ozzy has been completely outplaying him through the first 2 games.

    I still think it's hilarious that they're calling that a slash by Hossa that led to Detroit's 2nd goal. If you look at the video, Dupuit was the one swinging his stick and he struck Hossa's stick, not the other way around...

    And lol at the league rescinding their instigator penalty on Malkin. It was no surprise as the league isn't going to remove one of their biggest stars from the game, but it adds another notch to the long list of the NHL's rules that they don't follow in the least. It's really starting to become a bit of a joke in that regard. That being said, I'm glad he's playing because I don't want it to be an excuse the Pens fans can use for why they lost the cup a few days from now.

    And someone better remind Miroslav Satan of the third man in rule on fights...
  12. Malkin should have been suspended by the books, I agree. I don't remember the bit with Satan that much, but I thought he was just in there pushing the guys away from each other?
  13. Even if the Wings win the cup, it'd be hard to argue against Malkin for the Conn Smyth. What, 15 points more than the nearest Wing? Carried the team tonight, the only player who's looked like anything in games one or two for the Pens, and destroyed both the Flyers and Canes. If Zett can continue to totally shutdown Crosby, he should definitely get a mention, whatevs.
  14. ok thanks pens, finally
  15. Right now I'd say the Conn Smythe is Osgood's. His numbers are better than Ward's when he won the CS in 06 and he's stood on his head almost every game of the playoffs.

    If the Pens win the series it'd be Malkins for sure, hes a beast of a player.
  16. no, osgood doesnt even deserve it really, he's not that great, his numbers are good thanks to Detroit's incredible defence.
  17. Eh, I agree with Toxa's point and, when Ward won the CS the leading scored was Staal with 28 points in 25 games, Malkin's at 33 in 20 games. There really wasn't anyone else to pick it up in 06.
  18. I think we need to spend a bit less time in the penalty box.
  19. Geeeeeeenooooooo.
  20. Wings have look sloppy and not very focused so far. Get it goin boys!
  21. And Crosby's on the board. Go Go Go.
  22. yeaaah, pens again. malkin's being overly defensive though instead of attacking, and the refereeing is quite shitty, they've got to call more shit.
  23. Its 2-2. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

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