NICE 0-100Km/h

Discussion in '1993 Mazda RX-7 JM1FD' started by Ramdex, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. I like the take off speed but the 1/4 mile and top end speed is somthing to be desired.
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    for a stock car thats a little over 30grand, the top end and 1/4mile r crazy as hell.
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    the 0-100 is so good due to the engine,the low weight,the good weight distribution that results in excelent traction.
    This is a great looking,sweet driving car!
    long live the rotary.
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    The car's engine is rarely modded to the point of extreme power output (500 bhp and up), but the chassis is a miracle to say the least.
    The "ideal" tuned import from Japan that you can create in the states is generally considered to be a Nissan Skyline R33/34 GT-R or Toyota Supra Turbo engine mated with this car minus the engine.
    Fantastic automobile, leaves little to be desired.
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    Rarely modded to 500hp ? You smoking crack?

    Do some research before you post lies.
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    HI THERE i dont thing that 0 to 100km is right on this websid cos i drive one of those and it doesnt rich 100km in 4.9 scond unless it has slicks.i did race alot of v8s and twin turbo cars and i beated every one exept one car and it was r33 gtr stock no thing doen to it

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