Discussion in '2006 Mazda Nagare Concept' started by iced vodka, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. The car looks amazing if u ask me. What a pic!!
  2. what part of this blurry mess looks amazing?
  3. i like the way they blurred the blur, excellent blur
  4. Wow... SO SMART
  5. The colors of it are so...astonishing... The blurriness is so...awesome and breath-taking. The angles such a bad point that I'm going to stop pretending now that I'm impressed. What the f*** is the point in making a drawing that doesn't even show the whole car? Mazda's been doing this type of s*** for how long now? It's getting really, really retarded and they need to get better ideas.
  6. Welp, they replaced the blur with a clear shot of the vehicle...what say we go back to the blur?

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