nice bum

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Chevy, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. #$%#in americans man. You're just too #$%#in dumb.

  2. I feel bad for you man, how ETF if this? Lol
  3. You don't even remember him, you turd.

  4. I dont? This whole thread, and you think I dont know who ETF is? You shock me with every post.
  5. Yeah, I'll bet.

  6. THANK GOD!!!
  7. fck off
  8. dude, what are you doing?

  9. can we go back to discussing nice bums?
  10. fck off fatass
  11. Nah, this thread should probably be deleted, and the eggsnbacon dude needs to be banned. He obviously hates this site and himself enough.

  12. fck off
  13. Better?
  14. I love breakfast.

  15. PLease eat me. PLEEEEAASE
  16. Not funny, just very ETF...

  17. And you're being.... clever or something?
  18. Yes. But not as much as this.
  19. Just tellin it like it is.

    You fat white-trash american.

  20. win
  21. As am I.

    You lazy ass quiche eating canadian #%$.
  22. oh damn... +1

  23. ?

    Edit: test post
  24. the original #%!@ don't got no definition in her ass. There ain't no carefully sculpted line that differentiates the ass from the legs.

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