nice, but still is a go-kart

Discussion in '2002 Lotus Elise Type 72' started by HoTSHoT, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. lotus always makes a nice car, but c'mon the elise is an expensive go-kart!
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    Go-Kart?? HAHA!!!!! No.<!-- Signature -->
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    To an extent you are correct. This car is small, low, and extremely light. Its cornering ability is amazing. Your ass is probably about two inches off the ground too. I believe this car is probalby a little more fun than a go-kart though, and you probably wouldn't be too popular if you drove a kart around town.
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    It's a nice car, because power to weight is really good. It's lightweight does it wonders to whip it in and out of turns. I agree that it's low output is a hinderance, but what can you expect from a car that weighs 700kilos?
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    Concept and Design meeting, Lotus Cars Ltd, Hethel, c.1994 - Meeting Notes:

    MD - "let's make a back-to-basics, race car for the road - stripped out, lightweight, handling to die for, and sod the creature comforts."

    Chief Engineer - "agreed"

    Marketing Director - "agreed"

    Finance Director - "agreed"

    MD- "that's that sorted then. Meeting closed"


    low output is definitely *not* a problem....
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    This is what worries me about the Elise entering the American market!

    Don't they have lightweight roadsters over there?

    More people just look at stats on sites like this without even driving it.

    It handles like a go-kart................that's the point!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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