Nice, but why don't they have the 427tt on this website.

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    Skidpad for the vette is around 1.1 according to MT, and man, u kiddin? this vette would take on the F-50 or enzo if u wanted to. This particular vette is way up there and rolls in the best of circles. Lingenfelter jus kicks ass, dont know how else to say it, but his cars rape shit up. And they are not even fully done up, that is whats amazing, the rest of the cars are suped up to the tits and still cant beat the vette, thats what makes it so good. And any camaro would kick a S2000's ass anyday, those hondas suck dick, only OK racecar of honda is the NSX which still isnt in the class of vettes. These days vettes are up with 911's or 996s, lambos, ferraris, and lots more.
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    The skidpad is a very crude mean of measuring cornering performance. Take the Vette to Fiorano and challenge the Enzo. I'd place my dollars on the Enzo.

    Don't get me wrong - I love Vettes, especially LPE's custom 802HP motor made for Steve Dumler's C5 - but just get your facts straight.
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    I do, i mean dont get me wrong, i love ferraris too, im just saying that these days vettes are more able to compete with such cars then before.
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    okay that has to be the biggest load of shit that i ever heard man you idiots just keep getting dumber how do you manage to do it? anyways that is a bunch of crap because you should know that it's not just about the horsepower but the horsepower to weight ratio and if your friends 87 trans am does have in the 200hp range i know that is heavier than S2000 and the S2000 has 240hp and would run on your piece of shit trans am any day! oh and if you tried to drive a corvette at it's peak rpm next to an S2000 at it's peak rpm there is no way that you can honestly tell me that you think the vette would outlast the S2000 the japanese designed the S2000 for high rev's or they wouldn't have given it a 9,000 rpm redline that engine is designed to last at high rev for a very long time.
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    you my young paduan have no chance of ever becoming anything so just give up on life altogether! and as for honda's being shitty i don't think so honda's are one of the most respected car companies in the world and yes they are far superior to chevy honda has yet to manufacture a car that they wanted to go fast in a strait line they built their vehicles for the track and an S2000 on the track would destroy a camaro and you know that for a fact! Dumb Ass
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    Pac, basically he is saying you dont know $hit so shut your pie hole.
    The S2000 is a great car around the track yes it is light and nimble but the Vette is more powerful and very nimble it has active stability management and traction control meaning it can get all that power to the ground with out too much wheel spin. and BTW the S2000 does not have 240HP it is 240HP and the fly not at the wheels. at the wheels it actually has not much above 200HP Hondas are extremely horrible at getting all the power from the engine to the wheels. Also as moby mentioned it does have alot to do with the powerband. Which on a vette kicks in around 4800-6000RPM whereas in the S2000 it doesnt kick in until around 7500-8300RPM. Also having that lower HP ratio has a slight effect on how fast the car gets to its power peaks.
    Your S2000 does not compete with the Vette anywhere but the twisties. but as a said thank to the Vettes ability to get its power down the S2000 doesnt compete to well there either.
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    ooooh, that has got to suck. a 40000$ S2000 spanked by a 20000$ NEON. The S2000 will probably win around the track but damn that has got to be embarassing for Honda. A $20,000 AMERICAN car that will compete with Hondas Number two performing car that costs $40,000. That is sad.
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    Man, Pac, eat a dick or somethin eh? You dont know jack shit bout cars, u cant even compare a damn honda to a vette, they aint even within 2 classes apart. Vettes are known for superior handling dip$hit and it will kill ur cheap ass honda anyday in handling or acceleration, so until u actually know somethin bout vettes, i suggest u stfu!
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    This is funny...vettes are put through some insane tests before they produce them. One of them includes running the car at full throttle for a whole tank of saying that the s2000 would stay together as long as the vette at redline is ignorant. At 9k rpms that motor would quickly become heatsoaked and begin to fall apart.
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    chuffin hell its world war 3 in here. take a chill pill or 2. lol anywayz a vette doin 0-60 in 1.9 seconds? does sound a bit far fetched but i spose its possible. what kind of power does it have? must b around a 1000hp.
    i dont think vettes r known for there handling,not until the z06 which sounds really impressive and would be interesting against a tvr on a track. havin said that vettes seem to do well on the track and did well at lemans.
    this is an aextract from a roadtest by british evo magazine.

    'Gus has his tracking shots in the can, so we saddle up and retrace our steps back to Betws-y-coed then beyond, peeling off the A5 towards Denbigh. It seems like a good moment to have my first proper go in the Corvette. On first acquaintance it's difficult to know what to expect. It's also difficult not to be cynical with something this big and brash, but the ZO6 deserves respect, as it's a far more serious tool than prejudice would have you believe. Available only in hardtop, six-speed manual form, it also has thinner glass, lightweight magnesium wheels and a titanium exhaust. Oh, and a 5.7-litre, 405bhp V8. It might be a wildcard entry, but the Chevy means business.

    The Corvette's bodywork is like a vast, undulating, glassfibre landscape. Great from some angles, heavy-handed from others, it oozes machismo. The stance is different to a regular C5 Vette's, especially at the rear, where it sits higher than you'd expect, but from the width of the track and the acres of Goodyear Eagle F1 rubber you know it's going to generate some serious lateral g.

    It feels a big, broad car from the moment you get in, a feeling enhanced by the big steering wheel and wide, wide expanse of windscreen. The instruments are clear and attractive, and as you turn the ignition key each needle sweeps its dial in a dramatic 'systems check'. Shame then that the plastics don't possess the tactile or visual quality you'd expect of a £50,000 car.

    However, when you're pinned to your seat by raw accelerative g, plastic quality is the last thing on your mind. It really does have the most ridiculous levels of grunt. In fact I don't think I've ever experienced a car with so much any- gear, any-revs response; if you wanted you could simply slot it into fourth gear and leave it there. Happy to chunter through town at 30mph, the Vette then likes nothing better than to hook itself onto the 911's tail and torment it as 3.6-litres of unsuspecting German flat-six attempts to run away and hide from 5.7-litres of roaring Yank V8. With Barker at the Z06's wheel it soon got a taste for M Coupe, too, as a somewhat surprised Roger Green discovered.

    'I was amazed to see the large yellow nose fill the rear-view mirror of the M Coupe,' said Rog. 'Through a long fast right-hander I expected to see it fall back, but not only did it stay put, it went past down the following straight!'

    As Rog hinted from the cockpit of the
    BMW, the improvement in the ZO6's chassis over the standard Corvette is as impressive as its ballistic speed. Predictably it has masses of road holding, but it also has feel, composure and a modicum of mid-corner adjustability, something lesser Vettes lack. Dr Barker, having just administered a large dose of humiliation to the rest of our convoy, makes his diagnosis of the ZO6's dynamics.

    'Grip levels are very strong, so you can learn to trust it and lean on it. Its brakes are superb, too, the best here with a wonderfully feelsome pedal that gives bite right from the top of its travel and doesn't induce chassis squirm, even on very bumpy corner entries. I'd say this points to a well-sorted detail suspension set-up and a much stiffer structure than other Vettes.

    'It's a bit wide, though, a bit big for British B-roads, and there's still that feeling that there's a bit of lateral sproing over bumpy, fast roads, as if there's more give sideways than vertically, though it probably seems more uncomfortable because you're sitting on the wrong side.'

    heres a few extracts from the same roadtest about the TVR Tuscan S.

    "Quite simply none of the other cars can compete with the TVR when it comes to generating pure, visceral lust, nor as it turns out for raw speed. with 400hp and just 1100KG (2420 pounds) to haul around, it is explosively quick, quicker even than the rocket-sled ZO6. The chassis tweaks seem to have given the S a smidgen more feel in the damp compared with the red-rose version which was one of TVR's main objectives- but it remains the least tolerant, most intimidating car in the test. That's to be expected with no driver aids whatsoever and a healthy surplus of power."

    go to to read a longer version of the test and see pictures of the 2 cars.
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    i don't it was a good idea to put that transmission in the car, i does increase the top speed, but its so bad for the 0/60
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    The Camaro may lose, but at least I can fit in a Camaro. The S2000 looks more like power wheels kid car than a real car. The interior is brutal looking and the engine drives more like a civic until you actually hit the higher rpms. Plus the Camaro has way more balls. I'd rather have a real car that actually has guts and sounds good rather than a super fast lawnmower.
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    oh i get it... they didn't WANT they're cars to go fast...
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    You dolt, the quality of Honda's engine design is NOT in their ability to make the engines higher compression and able to rev higher....anybody could do that. Honda's engine design is so good because they are able to make them high compression and rev higher WHILE maintaining reliability, few other companies can do that. Basically Honda makes their engines more akin to low displacement racing engines (which normally have to be rebuilt daily), but they engineer them so they do not build up friction, so they generate less heat, and because they are short stroke the pistons will not fall apart so easily.

    For example: I rally race with my 1990 Civic Si, the redline is at 6500rpm, I run it at the redline very often for extended periods, in hot dusty conditions, even after owning it for 4 years (that's 4 years of very hard treatment), the compression is still almost exactly what it was when it came from the factory. I'm pretty sure the K20 engine (which has been noted for its reliability AND performance) from an S2000, being 13 years newer than the engine in my Civic, could easily handle running at the redline for extended periods.

    So don't even hand me that Domestic crap about "running it at 9,000 rpm will cause the engine to die quickly", as running at 9,000 rpm the K20 will last much longer than the engine in the Corvette running at 68,000 rpm.
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    750 hp Lingenfelter Vette and John's condition

    The 2003 Corvette Z06 has a redline of 6500 rpm. No internal cumbustion engine runs at 68,000rpm. The Z06 makes 405 hp at 6000 rpm. However, this is a thread for the Lingenfelter Corvette. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering produces a standard 750+ hp twin turbo engine package with the 428 ci, not 427 ci, C5R engine block used in the Le Mans racing series. This particular setup yielded a 1/4 mile run of 8.95 @ 153.6 mph! This, of course was on street tires. Footage of this run as well as other runs can be viewed at And, as for reliability, LPE offers a standard 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on all thier work. Try to find that anywhere else on a 750hp install. There is a reason for Lingenfelter's reign at the top of Car and Driver's list. I figure that this information should clear things up a bit.

    And, for those of you with half a heart, please keep John Lingenfelter in your thoughts and prayers. He has yet to come out of the coma which he went into from a reaction to an anesthetic given to him prior to surgury for injuries sustained while drag racing. He needs all the help we can give him and his family in thier struggle.
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    Corvette Z06: $53,000; 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, 1/4 mile- [email protected] mph, and over 1 g on the skidpad
    NSX: $89,000; 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, 1/4 mile- [email protected] mph (same as a bone stock $32,000 Camaro SS) and .91 g on the skidpad.
    Any questions?
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    Its called the 427TT moron...... soo sooo ignorant.
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    you honestly have to be the dumbest mother #$%#ER on the planet. "performance" japanese engiones can bearly last over 100,000 miles if you push the redline, where as an american v8 can do it for 300,000 miles. and give it up already with the S2000. have you even driven one? i have. i have also driven an 88 trans am with a 305 in it. it would rape the shit out of a S2000 any day. u obviously have never driven an american performance car before, or else you wouldnt be able to live with yourself saying what you just did. besides im sure you never drove a car period, considering 12 year olds dont have a drivers license. you just need to die, give it up, you suck at life. and by the way, drive a car at 9000 rpms all the time see what happens...i didnt know 50,000 miles (in this case) is a long time. say another word about people who like american cars are stupid again, i dare you. u obviously havent gotten a clue. show me a jap car that can go 0-60 in less than 2 seconds, or better yet, one that can go 0-100 in 4.33 seconds, or even still, one that can go 245 mph. oh sure, the s2000 can barely get to 140 mph and the 88 trans am, i have taken it to over 160 mph without even going over 4500 rpm. so do us all a favor and die asswip
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    This is a Corvette done right. We should se more on the road sucha s this. Forget Lamborghini.
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    The site isn't updated. If they had the 427, with 802 BHP, it would be first on 0-60 list with 1.97 and near the top of the top speed list. Domestics seriously kick ass
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    Dude, that was the funniest shit I have ever heard in my life... Whoever you are talking to who thinks that the S2000 is the "King" of racing or something like that is [email protected] stupid! The S2000 is like a shopping cart with a paint job... Who give a flying [email protected] about how fast a S2000 is. "I'm mean who throws a shoe? Honestly" (Austin Powers) I'm actually a Ford Fan but Im more of an American Racing fan in the long run... I love coming to Chevrolet sights and finding the badass cars (such as this one) and see what the little pimple faced shitholes are writing about... You have lost your [email protected] mind thinking you can pull up and Jap car beside this vette and want some... You are smoking alot of bat shit for that to happen...

    This Vette and the 427TT is something sent from above! 427TT, you can pull up to anything on this earth and I would pull for it... and under $150,000, the world can eat our ass...

    Lingerfelter is a God and should be reconiges as one...

    Post the [email protected] 427TT so all these Jap / European Imports would shut the [email protected] up!

    Thank You!
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    This is a quote from Lingenfelter's website:

    We are sad to announce that John Lingenfelter, founder of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, passed away on December 25th, 2003. John had been in a semi-comatose state since November 2002 when he entered into a coma during surgery that was necessary due to a racing accident in Pomona, California in October 2002.

    Man that sucks...
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