Nice car but I'd take a Honda S2000

Discussion in '2001 BMW Z3 M Roadster' started by vwdrivervw, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Look, I am an S2000 owner, and I will agree stock the BMW is better. But I have now spent 15,000 on aftermarket parts for my S2000, which puts me at about the price for a stock Z3. I have dropped in a Vortech Supercharger, a 2.3L stroker kit, intake, RS*R exhaust, Tien coilover kit
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    , and an Apexi V-tec controller. I recently had it dynoed at 415 rwhp. Your Z3 cannot touch that. Also due to my Tien shocks and struts, you would have to admit, after driving mine, that it handles better. The reason for buying an S2000 over a Z3 is simply because the aftermarket for the S2000 is much larger. So, if you are into fixing your car up then go with the S2000. If you just want a good solid stock car then go with the Z3. Also, S2000s are much lighter than the Z3, I believe mine was 2500 when weighed with no driver.
  3. I guarantee when you go to sell that piece of shit, you won't get back what you put into in (unless you're lucky enough to find some stupid kid with rich parents). But then again, maybe you'll keep the car all your life... if it can even last that long.
    Face it... BMW cars are just all-around better: better engineering, better design, better luxury, better resale values, etc., etc.

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