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Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 CSL Concept' started by Burnout99, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this thing is pretty nice. lightweight, good power, graet engine, any1 know a little more about the tranny?
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    damn. this car is great. i hope it goes into production.<!-- Signature -->
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    The SMG is an automated manual transmission, somewhat like the Magnetti Marelli automated manuals available in the new Ferraris and Aston Martin Vanquish. I've read two different magazine articles about this car and in one article, the author liked the SMG, but in the other article the author didn't really like it and said he would have preferred a traditional manual gearbox. I would like to test drive one so I could give you my opinion on how well the gearbox works. <IMG SRC="">
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    this is an amazing car<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree, this car is definatley something that I would love to have.
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    me too... id take the regular bmw m3 stock anyday too <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->

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