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  1. THIS IS A VERY NICE CAR!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK?<!-- Signature -->
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    LMAO, nice car?? nice car.. Is that all you got to say?? This is the most beautiful car ever designed, bar other jaguars such as XKR and R-Coupé and of course the legendary E-Type.

    If The ediots at ford had not sacked Wolfgang Rietzele then this would never have been put on hold. The ****** in charge now not only cancelled this but also scrapping plans to make the X-Type and S-Type out of aluminium... Rietzelle may have been German but he had a british heart.

    The car had the potential to be the next Iconic Jaguar, it would have been the Icon of the 21st century. Just as the E-Type was not just an icon of the 60's but the whole 20th century. The E-Type was the most beautiful car in the world, the F-type could have been.

    Bad move ford u lost an excellent man in reitzelle, u lost an excellent car in he F-Type and they lost all of my respect by putting this on hold and also by forcing jaguar to use cosworth formula1 engines and forcing them to stop the design projects they were doing to build their own engines, ARGHHHH I H8 ford, just give Jag the money and let them do whatever the hell they want with it!!
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    ford promised the f-type for this decade...
    whatver that means!
    the X-Type got the go ahead, last i heard, for the new X-Type R, and the reason for its postonment is
    "the car will surely beat an M3 in several categories"
    the X-Type 3.0 engine is dubbed to have increased refinement and engineering, plus a supercharper pushing hp past 330 and 0-60 will be under 5 seconds.
    adding an aluminum body, and increase refinement, or perhaps swap to the 3.5L with a supercharger...
    BMW might have to do some catch up.
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    this car screams build me. if/when jaguar makes this it will be the perfect roadster. so please build it.
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    The new vette would cream this thing ten times over
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    and the Jaguar XKR will beat it
    wait, it already killed the Vette..
    no offense, but Jaguar already killed the vette.
    the only thing the vette has is the C5R with its 7.0 v8 engine.
    thats where the XKR Trans am go into play with its 700hp performance.
    granted the vette has price, but it has a huge displacment enginge.
    the jaguar 6.0 virtually cuts the vette to shreds.
    but wait, lets go to 2002 Le Mans...
    wow was that 28 laps the Jaguar beated the vette.
    so yeah
    the Jaguar would cream the vette 28 times over.
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    One of my many Dream Cars...the kind of car you would see at a Concourse D'Elegance, constantly being poured over, and ogled by the many classic car afficionados attending..the kind of car that could quicken your pulse in an instant, and leave you desiring a long, winding open road..the kind of car that if you were dreaming about classic Mercedes, would stick with you, and leave you begging for more curves, and long, open highways for many dreams to come...the kind of car that with a simple turn of the ignition and rev of the engine would inspire images of LeMans, or many a previous European GP race, hugging the hairpin turns, blasting down the straightaways, shifting through the gears with precision, and smiling with every crescendo of the RPM's
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    yep this is my dream car as well.
    and guess what they're making it!
    to top it all of, without any help from Ford!
    kodus to Jaguar for finally making a stand.
    the car will drive and act as an Aston without the price tag of one.
    though the luxury options on the F-Type were said to be diminished from the traditional concept of a Jaguar, but the performance will surely be a BMW beater.
    from a natural 3.0 giving off 240HP, 3.0 supercharged with 330HP, a natural 4.0 with 360hp and a supercharger 4.0 with 450HP,
    all those engines will serve well in the car like this. I'm also glad that Jaguar made the special arrangements with Arden to work on this car for a factory tuned car.
    cant wait to get it, and i'm already saving up to buy one.
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    i think its nice too
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    I LOVE THIS CAR!!! if anyone wants to buy me one please dont hesitate to ask for the info
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    this car is nice i dont know y it didnt go into production
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    indeed it is.
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    Cant argue with the looks, although wouldnt this car be one of the best in the world with the XJ220's engine in it.
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    I really like the styling...
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