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Discussion in '2002 Jaguar XKR Trans-Am' started by slinkywizard, Aug 9, 2002.

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    ...but don't stop there - drop it into the next gen Falcon XR8's. it would finally prove good competition for the dominant HSV's. i really don't know why they keep useing the worst V8 Ford have access to. the Jaquar 8 or Mustang 4.6l V8 is much better. <!-- Signature -->
  2. You'd think ford might put this (stroked or not..) into the Mustang.. as the name suggests.... the Mustang needs something better than the 220 or so kilowatts it has.

    But on the subject of XKR's, this is nice.<!-- Signature -->
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    if i were ford, i wouldnt drop the mustang engine, or the jag engine into the xr8, mainly due to the doesnt make sense to have ur flagship mustang sharing an engine with a little known family would take away what the mustang has to offer...not smart business...however, i do agree that ford should have something more powerful in the xr8's so that they can not only compete, but do very well against the hsv's...
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    jaguar dropped the mustang engine in the xkr-trans am, and started to test, for future development, their 4.5L v8 (650hp)
    if all goes well, that engine might even go against the bmw 5.0L v8.
    and oh, no supercharger

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