Nice F150

Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by Skizzer150, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. A friend of mine.. Turbos and 22's cant go wrong :p

  2. Oh yeah you can. That is hideous... a TRUCK is not a racecar. You cannot carry a load in the back of that thing.
  3. Fords, to me, just don't look good modified...the years that had the style as the one in the picture. When I was in the States, I saw a bunch of modified Ford trucks, and they looked hideous. They all looked the same and and all bubbley. I only saw one that was somewhat decent, and it was at the drags...maybe the Jesse James truck? I can't remember if it was a Ford even.
  4. Some people are incredibly retarded. You are a perfect example.

    It clearly has an airbag suspension, which can be raised and lowered by filling and deflating the air bags. And don't try and say that an airbag suspension isn't strong, the same system is used on a lot of 18-Wheelers.
  5. correction, ignorant n00b. Trucks ARE racecars. Or racetrucks in this case. Monster trucks? the CORR-Championship Off-Road Racing-Series uses trucks. The Paris-Dakar Rally had plenty of trucks entered in it. & Have you ever seen a drag-racing El-Camino or Ranchero? those are trucks, too, but are considered Muscle Trucks. Remember the Pro Stock Truck category in the NHRA? & don't forget the popular NCTS-Nascar Crafstman Truck Series. Sheesh.
  6. thats pretty cool. reminds me of a lightning
  7. WAYYYY too low to the ground. It should have the stance of a Lightning.
  8. IMO it looks quite good. I don't know how big this car is in real life, but those wheels look a bit small.
  9. Has airbags.. even has a remote so you can be outside of the truck to raise and lower it.. pretty cool.
  10. err ..ugly. .

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