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Discussion in '2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R V Spec' started by Esprit999, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. i got one of these 2 months ago. 2200 miles on it now. Still haven't done above 110mph. Top speed tested by car&driver was 130mph. Yet to see once i break in the engine. hehe. But yea it's the best 18-19k including tax that i can find. The only competitors at this price are the slightly slower impreza 2.5rs and celica. Definitely the fastest car under 20k. Jetta 1.8T is actually pretty fast and keeps up with this badboy. but that cost like 21k. the sentra has so many standard features that the civic and other cars dont even come with.
    As for performance. I'd say the 7.0 s on this page is's more like low 7's. but the handling, my gosh, the handling is unbelievable. car&driver got .86g's! I test drove the regular GXE and then this, it's a totally difference you can feel the the firmer sportier suspension. Even my dad tries to take this car for a spin when i'm not using it. I wish they would've taken off the "SENTRA" logo on the back. But it's a supercar for the money.

    This car reminds me of a ford contour SVT that they used to make. anyone know what i mean?
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    i drove one of these and it was nowhere near as fast as i thought it would be. it felt like my moms 150 hp 94 altima that she used to drive.

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