Nice Looks, needs a diet

Discussion in '2002 Mini Hamann Cooper S' started by Type S Personality, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I love the deep dish rims on a car like this, but i think the rear could be lowered a bit more. it doeanst match the low height of rhte front. Perhaps they could do away with the mail slot hood scoup, and i know i'm nitpicking but i dont like the front chin spoiler, it looks cheap and like it will fall off. Still one of my favourite cars, and nice for a first kit for this car, but for me it leaves a little more to be desired<!-- Signature -->
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    oh yeah i think the hp and torque are fine for a car like this, and if you've read n e reviews on this you'd see that the engineering left a little to be deisred, same with ergonomics<!-- Signature -->
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    this car could definitley loose some weight and I beleive the slot in the hood is for the intercooler.<!-- Signature -->
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    yes it probably is but there are nicer was to intergate it into the hood then with an unsinspired slot like that, but i guess it matches the front air dam well<!-- Signature -->
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    Picky picky picky. To each their own I guess. But I dont know where you guys are coming up with some of this stuff. Lose some weight? It weighs not even 2600 pounds and has almost 200 horsepower. And I dont know where you got that according to reveiws the ergonomics and engineering have left a little to be desired. Every review I've read has said that even the stock Mini and the S are both terrific cars. The S being superb from an engineering standpoint. But, maybe you heard something I didn't. Either way, Im going to have to agree its a fine car. This is just a hint of what the aftermarket will look like inthe near future.
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    most cars could loose weight, most of the weight is because the safety equipment, I say loose the crumple zones and air bags and stick with roll cages and racing seats with the appropriate harnesses.

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