Nice paint job!!!!

Discussion in '2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept' started by 96EclipseGS, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. This paint job only cost cadillac $50,000. I saw on a T.V. show that this car had either 20 or 50 coats of paint im not sure on how many it was but it was 1 of those 2 numbers. They used a white pearlescant to achieve this colour.
  2. i wish cadillac would at least have taken a few more cues for this for SOMETHING, it seems as though this car has gone to waste, hopefully they haven't forgotten this beast...
  3. This car should be produced.
  4. NOOOOO dont bring it into production, i do want to still be able to drive l8er on in life and not have this take all the fuel
  5. STFU! You are not funny.
  6. Maybe not mass production, but how about for special orders? You know, for those #%[email protected] millionairs that can afford too damn much. That way, by the time one of us start building money, they'll lose interest and one of us could take one. Doubtful such a thing will ever happen, but it'd be nice nonetheless.
  7. yea, that would be cool

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