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Discussion in '2000 BMW X5 Lemans Concept' started by carlos, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. finally something that can challenge the escalade (if it ever goes in production)
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    Just a quick question....: WHY? why the hell would you create a V12 powerplant SUV when you have a perfectly good M5 already available...or even a z-8 if that's what you want (shared powerplant anyway). Why did anyone ever bother creating a LeMans inspired SUV?!
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    Why?? Why not!?! This car is just a one off prototype built
    more or less for press exposure and fun. It will _not_ go into
    production (so comparing it to an escalade is not really Escalade? Ughh!). Why? Because this engine is
    the same engine that powers the McLaren F1, the engine alone
    probally costs over $200,000. Think of it...if all u did for a living was build supercars...and one day someone told u they wanted to put a rediculously powerful engine into an unlikely vehicle, would u? Sounds like fun to me...I'd throw it in a caravan and terrorize soccer moms everywhere. Just my $0.02.

    BTW...they are relasing a performance variant of the x5, but it will likely be powered by one of the existing production v8's.

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