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  1. So Finns travel quietly?
  2. They just don't talk to strangers
  3. It's not like other tourists normally do, but you can hear them talking to each other on the street.
  4. Well if you ever hear a finn speak, it's quite distinctive:

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  5. I wonder if there are any statistics regarding how many Finns have flown to Israel in 2017.
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  7. That's one confusing chart.
    Supposedly 2017 was much better than 2016.
  8. Today is 5C in the morning, and 29C by 1pm. Does anyone else live somewhere where the temperature can vary so much within a day. It sucks!
  9. A lot of America's midwest/west has that.
    I remember spending a couple of weeks in Seattle in which the temps were around 35C during the peak of day (usually around 5pm, strangely), then drop to 10C just before dawn.
    Around here (Israel) you can often see big daily high differences, especially during spring. Heatwaves cause the temps to spike and reach 35-40C, but then they "break" and may not reach 22C during the next day. Sometimes you can actually feel it break in the middle of the day as scorching heat suddenly turns to cool and windy in a matter of minutes.

    I like climate/geography.
  10. A freak spring storm is causing major flash floods here. A group of students (I think around the age of 18) got swept in a flood and it seems a bunch of them had died with some still missing.
    Yesterday some places got up to 50mm (2") in less than an hour. Right now it looks like another major cell is sweeping the country from north to south. Should be here soon, but doesn't look as bad as yesterday.

    Edit: Here's an image of a downburst in the desert city of Eilat from this morning. It's a city that doesn't normally reach 20mm on an average year.
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  11. really cool photo

    sorry those kids died. what were they doing that made them vulnerable?
  12. They went to a gorge in the desert during a storm. When the flash flood came, they were helpless.
    A lot of people go flash flood hunting here, it's a beautiful sight. The danger is usually well known and this was a no-go area today, but for some reason they still went. Someone made a tragic mistake taking them there.
  13. So there is a town on the North Coast of Tasmania, called Burnie, which has had a record high temperature of 33C (91.4F) and record low of 5C (41F). That pretty much sounds perfect. Except its in Tasmania. :/
  14. It's 40c outside today.
  15. Got to 41, then dropped to 27 and now it's 31c again.
  16. A week between 20-30 Celsius, beautiful hard turn from cold spring into possibly warmest May to date.

    Summer. :)
  17. It's fucking humid and hot. I'm sitting in testicle stew.
  18. It's normally distinctly summer-ish by this time of the year (i.e hot and humid with few variations). But this year we're getting some late spring instabilities and even some rain. Summer is still going to be a ***** and a half as usual.
  19. the bay area is perfect as always

    except we are all poor wage slaves for the opportunity to live in such a nice place
  20. Yep, May was quite something. More days above +25°C in Helsinki than during the past three summers put together. Now it's +18°C and it feels like winter.

    The contrast was very stark coming from a cold March and a nippy April. I saw people ice fishing in late March, 6 weeks later it was like the hottest days of July.
  21. It's funny how everybody here takes our climate (mostly hot-summer Mediterranean) for granted, thinking summer = hot and dry and rain = cold. We've been getting some very late-spring rain which is uncommon (but not unheard of) and people are losing their minds. Mediterranean climate is actually one of the least common types of climates there is. There are usually large centers of population where it's found because of how comfortable it is (or can be), which makes it feel more common I guess.
  22. Regular people are like "Oh look it's raining in June. Cool". Chemtrailists are all like "Oh god no I'm melting!".
  23. wait who do jews blame their conspiracies on?
  24. In this case yes, other Jews and America. It would have been Arabs but they're not considered technologically advanced enough.
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