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  1. this isn't bad but not as good as other Rx-7's I've seen
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    stang if only you had half a brain
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    What other RX-7's have you seen that are sweeter than this?
    I haven't seen any unless we are talking about looks, then maybe I have; however, I haven't seen anything with such sweet performance numbers<!-- Signature -->
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    wat are you tokking bout??..
    this is the only RX-7 I knoe to have 3 rotars!!!!!
    the rest only have 2!!!!'s way so cool!!!!!....
    it's one of my favourite cars and favourite engines...
    rotary is royal~
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    thier is only one other sweater 7... but it is R-spec
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    this is nice but check out the RX3 down here.<!-- Signature -->

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