Nice !

Discussion in '2001 Pontiac Firebird Raptor Concept' started by Laske1, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Nice car, I especially like the design of the hood.
    Wouldn't mind havimg that one in my driveway !<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: Nice !

    this car is ultra cool.
    I remember when I saw my first Firebird... I was almost drooling andit got better as years passed, the midlife redo gave it killer looks and a kick@ss engine.

    The Firebird has always been the ultimate Bang for the buck! dont you think?=<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: Nice !

    God, this car is hot. I don't understand how people can say it's ugly. It's get those aggressive sexy curves in all the right places.<!-- Signature -->

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