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  1. Bad @ss and hella tight looking!
  2. Damn straight. Although I wish the coupe version would come out sooner rather than later.

    Yeah, good job Dodge on creating the fastest internationally marketed car for under 100 grand!
  3. I can't wait to see the coup version too. I think coupe versions always look better. They look more meaner or faster. Convertable can have their positive side to them too. They look more fancier and they're cool to ride in if you have a hot chick next to you and you want the world to see that you're a big player.
  4. Yeah. I don't really care for convertables, especially for a performance car. The design hinders the the performance greatly. But like you said, they do have their upside, like the #%!@es riding with you. But I'd take a coupe over a convertable anyday.
  5. The convertable doesn't look as nice with its Top up. At least with the coupe, the coupe will like nice all year long. Plus with a coupe, they always have that cabin light bulb and switch thats located directly above and in the middle of the cockpit. I've grown really custom to that. Now, cruisin down South Beach Miami Fl, or the California coast line, I'll probably have to go with a convertable. I rented a convertable Z-24 Chevy Cavalier in Miami a few years back. That was off da hook. Its easier for chicks to check you out. But any other time, it would have to be a coupe. If it came down to only one choice, I probably would just buy the coupe. With a coupe, you dont have to sit there in the parking lot and wait for the top to go up before you leave your car because you dont want nobody going through the glove department stealing your sh#t and everything els they can find. Thats one of the few downsides to a convertable. With the coupe, you just park the car, lock it, set the alarm, and go about your buisness.
  6. dont pull facts out of your arse. its pretty dire in the wet.
  7. Exactly what did I "pull out of my ass". Name one internationally marketed car for under 100 grand that's faster than the SRT-10. If my memory serves me correctly, I have never said anything about how it performs in "the wet", nor did I say anything about it's handling/stability. So no, I pulled nothing out of my ass. If you're just looking for some senseless bullshit arguement, go over to the Misc. forums. It's full of close minded idiots who always need to have the last word, so you should be entertained for a while.
  8. gosh, I hope the coupe version looks something like the 2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept. That would make it an absolutely awesome car ... I swear, I would take a loan from the bank just as much, so I can buy it. It would be awesome.
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    Here's a pic of what the coupe will look like:

    Not bad, huh?

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