Discussion in '2005 Mazda 6 MPS' started by Alfa 147 GTA, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. I love it! What do you guys think about it?
  2. test
  3. test
  4. I remember when I first saw pictures of the concept in 2002. I'm overjoyed that they finally built it.
  5. i'm kinda getting tired of the whole chrome rimmed tail-light treatment, both on custom and factory cars, but thats the only beef i got and its not just mazda, so... this car is sweet
  6. the only disappointment is that it seems like the car is still primarily a front driver only switching torque to the rear when the front end loses grip. it would be better if it were a rear-biased torque split.
  7. yeh, but it's more expensive and i don't think it needs to be rear drive as it isn't really fast enough. The only time you should switch to rear or 4 drive is when you exeed 350BHP me thinks
  8. Well me thinks you're a complete #$%#ing retard.
  9. Looks nice to me
  10. You could always change that pretty easily

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