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  1. nice looking vette , like the change up in the front end
    and a 10.9 second quarter is nothing to complain about
  2. id have to agree, i just dont like this particular paint scheme, with the white on orange combo. i just dont think it compliments the car very well
  3. I can't say I agree.

    While it's very impressive in terms of performance I think it looks like it has down-syndrome from front-on.
  4. true that... this car is nuts
  5. *Droooooooolllllllll!!!!!!!*
  6. Yeah, it's nice but I think I'd rather have a regular ZO6.
  7. That is really good looking! The grill is Ferrari-inspired, not inventive but a dignified heritage. The headlights give it a kind of friendlyness that still does not make it tame. Remarkable, since Callaway has a severe tradition of "too much".
  8. The whole front-end looks like a Ferrari, not just the grille. I'll take mine in Ferrari red.
  9. the car looks amazing if u ask me
  10. From head on the front end is a mix between a Ferrari and the last-gen Camaro
  11. It looks like a 5th gen camaro with a ferrari grille. I think everyone is thinking ferrari because of those two fins and the grille. Otherwise it is almost an exact copy of the shape of the camaro.
  12. I think it looks more british than italian...

    I like it. The old one looked good too.
  13. this car would look good in any color except rainbow(unless your like that)

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