Discussion in '2010 Devon GTX' started by killer filler, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Good looks, Good power. Its so fresh and clean looking. Whats not to like?
  2. at first it looked terrible, but it almost instantly grew on me
    it also has lots of power!
  3. Yeah, me too, but after you look at the bigger pictures, it looks pretty good.
  4. Doesn't look like something I'd spend 500 g's on. But it's nice.
  5. It is a rebranded Dodge Viper, being sold to you for $520,000 plus tax. A few extra wingdings here and there.

    Sure, what's not to love?
  6. This is without a doubt a Dodge Viper, I mean come on an 8.4 liter V-10 what other sports car has an v-10 of this size? other giveaway is the windshield. So I definitely wouldn't spend 500k on this car, I'd buy a Viper and put 100k in it and kick the crap out of this wannabe exotic car.
  7. I guess it would help if i actually read the words and not just looked at all the pretty pictures eh? Lol.
  8. id prefer a lp670-4 sv for the money better looking more powerful and most of all its italian
  9. No carbon ceramic brakes on a car that costs 500k+ give me a break! Not only that the entire exhaust system should be made of titanium but I bet this car has a stainless steel exhaust = extra weight.

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